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Hero's Dreams (英雄の夢 Eiyū No Yume?) is the eighty-fourth chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Soga and Moyuru rush to help Koichi.

After rescuing Kazuho and fleeing through the air, Koichi uses his Slide and Glide Quirk to head towards the position where Soga and his allies are in order to extract the Queen Bee from Kazuho. What he does not know is that Midnight was nearby, and she saw him fleeing through the air, so she decided to follow him.

Koichi pronto arrives at his allies, and Soga prepares to perform the operation on Kazuho to remove the parasitic bee from her head, but Koichi stops him before he does, warning him that Kazuho has been shot with a drug. Frustrated before that unforeseen event, Soga no longer knows if he should carry out the operation: He cannot allow the bee to remain inside but he cannot extract it either for fear that it could end badly for Kazuho. To the boys' surprise, Midnight appears at that moment.

Midnight puts Kazuho and the Queen Bee to sleep.

The heroine reassures Koichi and the rest by telling him that she is there to help Pop, just like them, but demands to know why they haven't taken Pop straight to a hospital to save her. Soga replies because the swarm will attack if they don't act pronto, but then he realizes that there are no more bees and asks why, and Koichi replies because Endeavor destroyed them all. This is good news, but Soga reminds that the Queen Bee is still inside Kazuho's skull, totally altered and stimulated by the drug, and if it is not removed as soon as possible, it's gonna mess with her body.

Endeavor arrive to stop the "villains".

Understanding the situation, Midnight asks the boys to hold their breath for a few seconds as she uses her Somnambulist Quirk on Kazuho, ​​putting both her and the parasitic bee to sleep. Now all they have to do is take Kazuho to a hospital where she can receive the appropriate medical care.

Just at that moment, a furious Endeavor appears willing to stop Pop and The Crawler. Soga immediately goes on the defensive, but Midnight stops him and reasons with Endeavor that the villainous Bee☆Pop has been captured and that she urgently needs medical care. Endeavor then asks her about The Crawler and Midnight replies that he slipped away.

Endeavor ponders for a few seconds, unaware that Koichi was still hiding nearby, and decides to allow Midnight and the others to take Pop to the hospital. He is sure that there is something bigger in the whole thing, and that Kazuho may have answers, so he needs her alive to be able to interrogate her.

O'Clock II wants to talk to Koichi.

Endeavor is left alone in the alley for a while, trying to find some clue about The Crawler, but Koichi manages to sneak away without him being aware of his presence. Frustrated, Endeavor breaks a pipe to make the water extinguish the flames of his Quirk and cool him down.

Koichi reaches a rooftop without Endeavor noticing him, but once there, he meets a person shrouded in shadows. Koichi identifies him as O'Clock II, the hero who attacked him earlier, but he corrects him by saying that O'Clock II's story has been shattered even before it started, and in those moments he is the nameless Number 6.

The charred Number 6 swears that he will get revenge on Koichi.

When seeing his interlocutor better, Koichi is horrified to see that he is completely burned and offers to help him. Number 6 thanks him for his concern but rejects it, telling him that his body will heal despite the severity of his injuries. In addition, Number 6 confesses that in those moments his main problem is not his burns but his entire existence. Koichi doesn't understand what he means and continues to insist on helping him, but Number 6 orders him to shut up and listen to what he has to say.

Number 6 confesses that he has never had an identity or origins that were his own, he was an empty shell without his own existence, and had planned for years all that operation to be reborn as the great hero O'Clock II, but Koichi's intervention had ruined his plans, and calls him a garbage who destroys others' dreams. However, despite everything, now the things are clearer than ever to him.

Until then, everything about him is fake, made up, but the anger and hatred he feels for Koichi is genuine and real, so once he's done with him, the tale of O'Clock II truly begins. Number 6 swears that he will kill him, but first he will kill Kazuho as he cannot allow her to reveal his secrets. Once they are both dead, he can finally be the real him.

After confessing his intentions to Koichi, Number 6 collapses. Koichi tries to approach him, but Number 6's charred body crawls away at full speed, leaving a trail of blood resembling skid marks.

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  • The chapter was initially titled Dreams ( Yume?) but was amended in volume release.

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