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Earthbound Perp ( (とが) (びと) 地に在りて Togabito Chi ni Arite?) is the eighty-third chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Dodging Endeavor's fireballs.

Endeavor is staring at The Crawler as he is approaching him. He realizes that Pop☆Step is hurt, and as long as The Crawler is carrying her, he cannot hop around. Endeavor states that Koichi won't get away, calling him an All Might hoodie-wearing punk. As he gets closer and closer to the number 2 hero, Koichi reflect that the heat Endeavor is emitting is increasing, but in his current situation, being chased by a swarm of exploding bees and another "hero" who wants to kill him, he cannot stop and neither can waste time to reach Soga and get Pop help.

Behind Koichi is Number 6, chasing him under his persona of O'Clock II. He lost the opportunity to kill the young vigilante earlier, but since he has not been noticed by Endeavor, he believes he’s gonna be able to do it when Koichi tries to leave the main street into some alley in order to avoid the flaming hero. To the villain's surprise, Koichi neither stops nor swerves, instead, he dives right into Endeavor, which makes him wonder if he is nuts.

O'Clock II getting burnt by Endeavor's flames.

Seeing The Crawler is darting straight towards him, Endeavor starts shooting fireballs at him, which Koichi dodges as best he can. Realizing events are not unfolding as he would like, Number 6 considers announce his presence to Endeavor and fight alongside him known otherwise he won't get any credit for taking down Koichi.

Koichi continues sliding and gliding in between every single one of Endeavor’s fire blasts until at one point Koichi’s hood flies up due to one of the blasts. Seeing the hoodie’s antennas, which reminds him of All Might, causes Endeavor to get even more enraged and uses his super move Hell Minefield. The ground begins to explode from the attack, forcing both Koichi and Number 6 to jump to dodge the ground level attack. While in mid-air, the villain thinks he has managed to get to safety, but then Endeavor lets off a huge explosion, which takes out all the bees.

The Crawler using Slide and Glide to fly away with Pop☆Step.

Number 6 realizes too late as he deduces Endeavor's move is a two-folded attack and begins to get burnt in mid-air, claiming that one little mistake is ruining his whole plan. While burning alive, Number 6 sees Kocihi floating above the flames thanks to his Quirk, and then he notices Koichi holding his breath as the energy at his feet begins to transform again, allowing the young vigilante to blast off and fly into the sky, leaving everyone dumbfounded. Before become engulfed by flames, an enraged Number 6 watches Koichi escaping his grasp.

Up in the skies, the energy at Koichi's feet runs out, and as he and Kazuho begin to fall, Kazuho manages to say his name. Koichi holds Kazuho in his arms and assures her that it’s gonna be okay.

Chapter Notes

  • Endeavor confronts The Crawler as he is escaping from Number 6, and tries to incinerate the former using Hell Minefield.
    • Both Number 6 and The Crawler dodge the first phase of the attack but are caught off guard by the explosion of the second phase.
    • The Crawler barely escapes by powering up his repulsive force to rocket away from the fire. Number 6, however, is caught in the attack and engulfed in flames.

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  • The chapter was initially titled Raging Inferno (怒爆炎獄 Ika bakuen goku?) but was amended in volume release.

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