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High-Speed Hero II (超速ヒーローII Chōsoku Hīrō Tsū?) is the eighty-second chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


After saving Kazuho, Koichi meets a "hero".

In horror, Koichi watches Kazuho start falling to the ground after being shot. He immediately dives to save her, grabbing her before she hits the ground and managing to land with little trouble in an alley. Once on the ground, Koichi checks that Kazuho is still breathing, so she must be treated immediately. Unnoticed by Koichi, Number 6 approaches him and greets him.

Koichi ask him if he is a hero, and if he can let them through here because his friend requires medical attention because someone shot her in the back. Number 6 smiles at Koichi and says he was the shooter, calmly stating that he shot her a special syringe containing a drug that controls the bees, since desperate times require desperate measures. Koichi was wide-eyed at first but he calms down after hearing the hero's explanation

The "hero" O'Clock II ready to hunt down the "villain" The Crawler.

As Koichi tries to contact his allies, Number 6 begins to monologue, although Koichi doesn’t pay much attention to him as he was trying to make a call. As he puts on a domino mask, Number 6 says he feels a little sorry about Pop's situation, since she doesn't look like an ordinary villain, rather there is a villain who has been manipulating Kazuho from the shadows. Koichi finally realizes that something is fishy about that hero, especially when he sees his hand transform. Number 6 declares that Koichi is the villain and he, as the hero O'Clock II, will beat Koichi into a pulp with his fist of justice.

O'Clock II asks Koichi if he nailed his monologue properly and that there’s two reason why he’s droning on and on. The first reason is that every self-respecting hero needs a story behind them, and for this having an arch nemesis is essential. Increasingly suspicious, Koichi tells him that he does not have time for his monologue, to which Number 6 agrees, and clarifies that the second reason of his speech is that he is buying time for the drug to kick in.

O'Clock II pursues Koichi.

Koichi watches in shock as Kazuho begins to convulse and the bees leave his body. Number 6 explains that he had shot Kazuho a drug that makes the Queen Bee and the hive eager to self-destruct, and clarifies that it is a tool designed to destroy all the clues about the experiment, including the host. Suddenly, overwhelming amounts of explosions begin to trigger, as Koichi runs away with an unconscious Kazuho in his arms. Since he is holding Pop, Koichi cannot fight back, so his only option is to skedaddle and meet up with Soga and the gang for help.

On top of a building, Number 6 watches Koichi manages to dodge the explosions. For the villain, Koichi's flashy getaway benefits his plans and states that when the time is right, he will swoop in and take down Koichi, while “tragically” the villain Bee Pop blows herself up, and after this "tragedy" he will swear on her wretched soul to never let such a thing happen again. In this way, he will create the “heartbreaking” debut of O’Clock II that will make people instant fans of him, because everyone will eat that mummery up with a spoon.

"Cooldown is over, villain scum!"

However, Number 6 realizes that his plan will have to wait because Koichi is managing to escape. Using his Overclock Quirk he approaches Koichi and prepares to attack him with an explosive punch. Koichi notices Number 6 encroaching on him, although the villain does not care much since one punch is all it's take to defeat Koichi. Then he realizes he can't keep up Koichi, and notices that the force field of Koichi's Slide and Glide Quirk under his feet are changing. Koichi then uses his super move Extra Oomph to dodge the explosion from Number 6.

The villain dust himself off, and while he regenerates his arm destroyed by the explosion, he states Koichi is a cheater for suddenly boosting his speed, making his plan not work as he had planned. For this, he proclaims Koichi must be punished. Number 6 continues chasing Koichi, while planning the best way to kill him, when he suddenly sees Endeavor appear in front of them, with his Hellflame ready and proclaiming that cooldown is over.

Chapter Notes

  • The Crawler meets Number 6 for the first time.
  • It's revealed that Number 6 has taken on a similar alias to Knuckleduster's former Pro Hero title: High-Speed Hero II: O'Clock II.
    • He plans on using this incident as his Hero Debut.
  • The Crawler demonstrates a new Ultimate Move: Extra Oomph.
  • Endeavor has finished his cooldown and is ready to resume his confrontation.

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