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Who's That, Now? (それは誰だ Sore wa Dareda?) is the eightieth chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Endeavor begins his cooldown.

Endeavor starts to suffer from fatigue due to overusing his Quirk. A group of Heroes come to his aid and extinguish his body with firehoses. Naomasa Tsukauchi arrives to witness the Pro Hero slowing down in momentum, warning the others to pull back as Bee☆Pop is headed their way with her explosions. Endeavor refuses to simply back down and instead commands the detective to deploy the patrol squad, to which Naomasa admits the team is ready for anything. Endeavor angrily notes that he plans to burn everything down (including Koichi and "Pop☆Step") once he fires up again, no matter what it takes.

Soon, Endeavor's steaming body creates a signal for the other Heroes to go ahead and apprehend Bee☆Pop. Somewhere in Naruhata, "Rock" (Number 6) and Compass Kid notice the siren as well. Compass Kid wonders why Endeavor has stopped attacking, with Rock explaining it's due to the flaws of Endeavor's Quirk on his body. With that being said, Compass Kid suggests they go further to capture the villain and runs ahead, only to come face to face with a Bomb Bee.

Number 6 shoots the heroes.

Out of nowhere, Koichi slides right past the duo and begins aiding other Heroes by blasting the Bomb Bees to smithereens using his "Shooty-Go-Kablam" technique. Koichi screams for Pop's name with fierce determination while continuously destroying the insects. Recalling Soga's advice to only shoot down the bees, Koichi continues his attack but ends up running right into a swarm of Bomb Bees. Koichi avoids their assault and tosses a homemade smoke bomb filled with a pheromone that attracts bees to get rid of them. Koichi also encounters two Heroes that try to restrain him but instead allows them to follow his lead while preparing to initiate Soga's plan to save Pop.

At the same time, Number 6 realizes that Koichi is trying to ruin his plans and decides to take action as well. Using Overclock, he instantly jumps up onto a building and pulls out his gun, readying himself to make a clear path for Bee☆Pop. He manages to take out the three Heroes that were pursuing Koichi. Compass Kid witnesses the situation and informs Number 6 that some Heroes have been shot dead. Number 6 attempts to mislead Compass Kid by saying that "The Crawler" was the one responsible for this mess. This plan backfires as Compass Kid points out that he noticed Koichi was aiding other Heroes, while the person who shot them was someone else, so he uses his Pointer Quirk to find the one responsible.

Compass Kid is killed by Number 6.

Upon realizing he's pointing at Number 6, Compass Kid is immediately grabbed and dragged to an alley where his "ally" plans to kill him. Number 6 drops his facade and irritatedly tells the Hero that he is just an "opportunistic scum" that doesn't care about his family. When Compass Kid reveals that his family means the world to him, Number 6 is taken aback and is actually impressed by Compass Kid's resolve. Unfortunately, Compass Kid knows his true identity, so Number 6 activates the Bombers cells in his arm and blows him up. The only thing left of Compass Kid is his disembodied hand, still pointing at his own killer.

After brutally murdering his "partner", Number 6 puts back his disguise and leaves the scene. He notes that everything is falling into place. Now that Koichi is drawing closer, the villain reveals it's about time for Bee☆Pop to perform her final and greatest performance for everyone to see.

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  • This chapter was initially titled Who's the Villain? (敵は誰 Teki wa Dare?), but was amended for the volume release.

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