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Rage, You Damned Nerd ( (たけ) れクソナード Takere Kusonādo?) is the eighth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


After Class 1-A changes into their hero costumes, they gather at Grounds B for the Battle Trial. All Might says that the Battle Trial will be an indoor battle. He continues to say that they will be split into villain and hero groups for a two-on-two team battle. All Might then explains the training trial: the villains will guard a nuclear weapon they intend on deploying and the heroes must stop their scheme; if the heroes capture the villains or reach the nuclear core before time runs out, they win; if the villains manage to keep the nuclear core for the whole time or they capture the heroes, they win. After everyone is paired up by lottery, All Might announces the first two pairs who will do combat; Izuku and Ochaco will be the Heroes while Katsuki and Tenya will be the villains. All Might says that everyone else will be watching through the cameras in the surveillance room.

Both Katsuki and Tenya go inside the building first. After five minutes, Izuku and Ochaco go into the building, which starts the Battle Trial. Izuku and Ochaco are walking, but suddenly Katsuki ambushes them and unleashes an Explosion, but Izuku pushes himself and Ochaco out of the way (although half his mask is blown off in the process). Katsuki prepares to attack again, but Izuku intercepts him, grabbing his right arm and throwing him onto the ground. Izuku says that he knew Katsuki would use his right arm to attack because he took notes on heroes including him; the same notes he blew and tossed away. Izuku then declares that he is no longer the Deku that Katsuki always pushed around, but the Deku whose vibe is never giving up. This declaration makes Katsuki furious.

Chapter Notes

  • This chapter marks the debut of the students' hero costumes.
  • Izuku's mother made his costume, as a form of an apology for doubting his dream.
  • Izuku and Ochaco are paired up against Katsuki and Tenya.

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