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Might and Mic’s "Put Your Hands Up" Radio (マイトとマイクの ぷちゃへんざ レディオ Maito to Maiku no puchahenza Redio?) is the seventh chapter for My Hero Academia: Team-Up Missions, written and illustrated by Yoco Akiyama.


Present Mic is hosting his radio show "Put Your Hands Up Radio", with All Might as his special guest. After introducing him, Present Mic starts up the "Put You on the Spot" corner, where they answer anonymously submitted questions, with All Might thinking about Present Mic's skill as a hero and an entertainer, hoping he can keep up and make it fun for listeners.

The first question from "Mr. Very Tall and Handsome" saying that girls look at him like he's trash asking what he should do. All Might is about to say he should think about the root cause, but Present Mic cuts him off saying he should diss them with a rap. All Might is confused at the thought, leading Present Mic to explain the concept of a "diss track", causing him to realize that's how Present Mic solves his problems, even if he doesn't fully understand.

Next question is from "Mr. Down With Class A", talking about how his class is the superior one and wants to know how he can show proof to the "troublemaking" class. All Might initially suggests a presentation with facts and evidence to demonstrate it, but quickly joins in with Present Mic that he should "diss 'em with a rap", which Present Mic gives him props for.

The next is from "Mr. President Elect", who mentions how an "N.M." has been frequently visiting his class' dorms to provoke them into claiming his class is superior, and asks what they can do to rid themselves of him. All Might quickly realizes these two questions came from Neito Monoma and Tenya Ida, and not wanting their feud to escalate into a "war of words", tries to come up with a solution to solve their issues.

He cuts off Present Mic's attempt to suggest a diss track with a musical interlude, and when they return, nervously says to not chase him off and suggests that he may be trying to meet his class halfway and is just awkward about it. Present Mic waves off the response and moves on, with All Might hoping he's avoided a war between Classes A and B. For the final question from "Mr. Jamming-yayy", he says people at school treat him like a dummy when he's just bad at schoolwork. Seemingly in sync, All Might says to "diss 'em with a rap", only to be caught off guard by Present Mic's response to study harder.

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  • This and Chapter 8 were released together in the November 2020 issue of Saikyō Jump.

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