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Inferno Number Two (INFERNO (インフェルノ) No. (ナンバー) 2 (ツー) Inferuno Nanbā Tsū?) is the seventy-ninth chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Koichi jumps on cars

Koichi and his allies head towards where Pop☆Step is, but they cannot continue because they got stuck in a gridlock traffic due Pop’s rampage, so Koichi decides to go ahead, while Soga, Rapt and Moyuru try to reach the place by another way. Suddenly a siren starts, which confuses Soga and his friends.

Not far from there, while evacuating citizens, Compass Kid and Rock (Number 6 in disguise) let out a sigh of relief when they hear the siren. They calm the citizens by telling them that the horn indicates that a hero team is about to deploy and ask them to take shelter in a nearby building. Compass Kid uses his Pointer Quirk to find people who haven't manage to flee and asks Rock to help him with the evacuations.

Naomasa tries to convince Endeavor not to overdo it.

On a rooftop, Detective Naomasa discusses with Endeavor. He reminds the hero that the mission is to capture Pop☆Step. The problem is that Endeavor considers the villain too dangerous. He states that Pop Step has a Quirk powerful enough to blow up the town with ease, having the threat of a small, well-trained army. Therefore, Endeavor states that the best option is to annihilate her by wide-scale assault, leaving Naomasa in absolute shock.

Down below, Compass Kid reports that all citizens of the area have already been evacuated. The Flaming Sidekickers send up signal flames to Endeavor to let him know that everything is ready, and he uses his Hellflame Quirk without worry. Naomasa calls out for Endeavor to wait but the hero enters the fray and uses his Ultimate Move Hellfire Storm, releasing an intense hellfire tornado towards Pop.

Hellfire Storm.

Naomasa is impressed to see the giant whirlwind of flames. Although it may give the impression of being a crude attack, he realizes that Endeavor is actually controlling the tornado precisely to minimize damage to the city. Little by little, the bees begin to explode due to the intense heat of the flames, as the tornado gets closer and closer to Pop, who seems unable to react in time to the incoming, flaming death.

Suddenly, Burnin yells out for Endeavor, who with displeasure has to cancel his attack, to everyone's confusion. Angry, Endeavor shouts out to Naomasa that he though they ordered everyone to get out, so he asks him why there is a twig of a hero who got in his way. From the top of the building, Naomasa realizes that the “twig of a hero” is none other than Koichi, sliding down the streets going after Pop, and tells to Endeavor he is the Naruhata Vigilante, The Crawler.

The enraged Endeavor claims that a vigilante is nothing more than a wannabe who pretends to be a hero without a license, and therefore, to him The Crawler is nothing more than another villain.

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  • This chapter was initially titled Number Two Hero (No. 2 ヒーロー Nanbā 2 Hīrō?), but was amended for the volume release.

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