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Dispatch (出動 Shutsudō?) is the seventy-eighth chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Young Kazuho with his mother.

The chapter begins with a memory of Kazuho when she was still a child. After watching television, Kazuho asked her mother who were the people who appeared on television, to which her mother replied that they were celebrities, like Heroes or performers. Newly inspired to one day appear on TV herself, Kazuho wondered aloud which profession would be easier, and her mother replied that she didn't know but that Kazuho should go down the path she likes the best, either a Hero who saves people when they're in trouble or a performer who sings and dances to make people happy. Kazuho smiled and said that she wanted to sing and dance.

Bee☆Pop starts the show.

The memory ends, and Bee☆Pop prepares to attack the streets of Naruhata again, while singing and dancing.

Nearby, Compass Kid is patrolling the streets along with Rock, while having a friendly chat. Compass Kid talks about how his catchphrase is not too well received, and that he has found a job that provides more benefits than being a hero, but before he hangs up the cape for good, he would like his children to see him looking cool.

Koichi and his allies head towards the explosions.

Their talk is interrupted by a sudden explosion, followed by many other explosions. Bee☆Pop uses her Queen Bee Quirk to hijack the radio spectrum and broadcast her rampage. Compass Kid tries to call the HQ, but his phone doesn't work, so he tells Rock that the only thing he can do for now is evacuate civilians while they wait for the arrival of backup. More and more heroes begin to get to where Bee☆Pop is, although this does not worry her. On the contrary, their presence stimulates her even more to continue with her "Showtime", playing her musical theme "Inferno" once again.

While the attacks are taking place, Koichi and Kazuho's friends and acquaintances take cover at Hopper's Cafe, watching the Kazuho rampage online, and expressing concern over the situation. Ichimoku asks the others if there is nothing they can do, but he is replied that there are already a lot of heroes on the scene, besides it's no place for civilians to be butting in. Kirihito specifies not ordinary civilians anyway.

Endeavor ready to face Bee☆Pop.

At Knuckleduster's warehouse, Koichi had come out to cool off when he saw the city being attacked in the distance. He immediately communicates this to Soga and the others, and they prepare as soon as possible to head to the disaster area and put their plan into action to stop Bee☆Pop.

Meanwhile, she continues destroying the city using her Quirk. The heroes stationed there try to stop her, but Queen uses her Bomb Bees to make them fail in their attempts, causing even more destruction. On a rooftop not far from there, detective Naomasa observes Bee☆Pop easily outmaneuver the heroes on patrol, taking advantage of the lack of teamwork due to their hasty formation and having cut off communications with her bees.

Suddenly, someone behind him protests the sickening music he was hearing, and expresses his displeasure that the villain's got a lot of nerve to titled that unpleasant noise as “Inferno”. The person protesting is none other than the Number Two Hero Endeavor, who is ready to take action and give Bee☆Pop a firsthand taste of a real inferno.

Chapter Notes

  • Endeavor has been called to deal with Kazuho.

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  • This chapter was initially titled Inferno (INFERNO (インフェルノ) Inferuno?), but was amended for the volume release.

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