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Deadly Weapon (凶器 Kyōki?) is the seventy-sixth chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Koichi and his allies arrive at a warehouse.

Soga Kugisaki leads Koichi Haimawari, Moyuru Tochi and Rapt Tokage into an inhabited warehouse. Soga reveals in Knuckleduster words "use anything you here you need" to Koichi. Around the warehouse, Rapt spots some shotguns which Soga quickly tells him to not play with because they're loaded.

Koichi finds a map of the Naruhata Station, and spots x's on buildings and a highway that were destroyed during the Kaiju attack, and notices it hasn't been updated in three years. Koichi then spots circles with arrows showing his route where he would lure the villains or chase them so Knuckleduster could cut them off with his pincher attack. Kazuho's route was also listed giving her the highest viewpoints. Koichi admires that Knuckleduster wasn't wild in his idea and that they were calculated. Koichi is happy reminiscing about the past where Rapt and Moyuru take note of.

Soga ready to test Koichi capabilities.

After, Koichi spots Kuin Hachisuka's route, but doesn't recognize it personally. Their jump ability wasn't as good as Kazuho, and on ground didn't match Koichi. Interested why Knuckleduster was after them, Soga tells Koichi that case is closed but to reference the strategy used. Soga ask Koichi if he could possibly corner "Kazuho" the same way. Unsure, Koichi says she can easily kick of walls and leap over buildings and their best best is catching her in mid-air. That becomes the plan.

Soga expands the plan into three task that need to be done in the next interaction with "Kazuho". The first is to arrive before the Heroes and Police Force, second is for Koichi to grab her in mid-air and third is to Koichi to met back up with Soga, Moyuru and Rapt. Following this, Soga will be in charge in giving first aid and they'll all bring her to the hospital. Rapt is happy to help, but Moyuru is unsure if he wants to commit crime due to meddling on hero work.

Rapt and Moyuru impressed by Koichi's speed.

Soga takes full responsibility and begins training Koichi, first off with stamina tests. Koichi accelerates with his Slide and Glide Quirk leaving Moyuru and Rapt surprised for his acceleration, although Koichi assures that he can pick up more speed on long straightaways.

Koichi proceeds to showcase his mid-air jump that only allows him to do two or else he won't have power to land on a wall safely. Koichi explains he could climb high with his wall cling but it depends on momentum and focus. Soga suggest timing his breathing could improve his two moves. Target practice follows after where Rapt throws empty soda bottles up in the air thus Koichi blast them with Shooty-Go-Blam. Moyuru and Rapt our impressed with his aim but Soga wants to see his true strength.

Shooty-Go-Blam becomes more powerful.

Meanwhile, in the past Koichi asks Kazuho if he has permission to use Shooty-Go-Blam. Due to being a powerful attack, Koichi needs a hero license to use it and she had already said it was off-limits. Koichi tries to barter with her that he can only use it in emergencies and control how much he needs at the moment, leaving Kazuho unsure. Koichi decides to do a fast test, and practice blast in the penthouse. Koichi uses Kazuho's face reaction as a means to measure what is "acceptable" because that's how he will remember.

In the present, Koichi fires Shooty-Go-Blam right through multiple soda cans causing Moyuru and Rapt to be scared. Koichi tells Soga that when he puts all his focus onto the power core of the move it becomes more powerful and range increases. Rapt comments commits that it'd could kill someone, but Koichi thinks to himself he knows it off-limits but it his only choice now.

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  • This chapter was initially titled Training Starts Now (特訓開始 Tokkun kaishi?), but was amended for the volume release.

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