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Good Job, Do Your Best, Ojiro! (いいぞガンバレ 尾白くん! Ī zo ganbare Ojiro-kun!?) is the sixth chapter for My Hero Academia: Team-Up Missions, written and illustrated by Yoco Akiyama.


Mashirao and Toru head to the Terakoya School.

Mashirao Ojiro and Toru Hagakure are on a boat heading towards a remote tropical island. Beside them is another passenger on the boat and Toru asks him if he's a tourist. The passenger confirms it and asks if they're students. Mashirao replies that they are from the heroic department of the same school, and Toru adds that they are tasked to give a presentation to the students of a heroic elementary school on the island. The passenger wishes them luck in their task and leaves.

Later, Mashirao and Toru arrive at their destination, Terakoya School, but there is a rope in the middle of the road. Mashirao decides to remove it so that no one trips, but in doing so, he activates a trap and gets caught in a net. Toru finds his compromising situation funny, and he asks her if that trap was her idea, which she denies.

Mashirao falls into Ikkaku's trap.

It turns out that the trap was set up by a boy with a horn on his head named Ikkaku. He laughs at Mashirao for falling for it and introduces himself as a future hero. The teacher of the hero school frees Mashirao from the trap and apologizes to him, explaining that Ikkaku is known to always play pranks on people. The teacher explains to the elementary student that those two come from the U.A. High School to meet them, which delights the young boy.

Mashirao and Toru gear up to introduce themselves to the young students. The first is Mashirao, who introduces himself as Tailman and asks the kids if they have any questions. The excited Ikkaku asks what his Quirk is, and the other kids yell out if he can do fire, shoot beams or something like that, but Mashirao replies his Quirk is just his Tail. The kids do not find it very interesting and someone asks what are the important things needed to become a hero. Mashirao replies they need train daily and also study. Ikkaku says that's incredibly ordinary and talks about how heroes are super cool and strong with powerful Quirks.

Toru then shows off her Warp Refraction Super Move, and the kids get excited about it. She introduces herself as "Invisible Girl" and that her Quirk is Invisibility. The kids are impressed at Toru's Quirk and the elated Ikkaku tells her that on the island there is a legendary ruins that hide a treasure, and the one who finds it will become an amazing person. Ikkaku wants to make an awesome team when he becomes a hero and asks Toru to join in. She tells him that Tailman should also join since they're a team, but Ikkaku does not want him to because he is too ordinary, to Mashirao's despondency.

Mashirao and Toru arrive at the ruins to rescue Ikkaku.

After the presentation is over, the kids return home. Ikkaku shows off by walking over a fence despite some of his classmates tell him not to. Suddenly, he detects something with his horn and jumps into a ditch, discovering that he landed in the secret ruins. Meanwhile, Mashirao and Toru are having tea with the teacher of the school, but suddenly the other kids come running to tell them that the Ikkaku is in trouble. They tell them that he went into the very dangerous ruins and he hasn't been seen since. Upon hearing this, Mashirao and Toru decide to go rescue him.

The two U.A. students enter the ruins and as they progress further into it, Mashirao must strive to overcome the numerous traps in the ruins as, apparently, Toru does not activate them as she is undetected thanks to her invisibility. Toru then tells Ojiro she'll reward him with a kiss if he's able to make it through all of these traps. He was distracted dodging them and asks her what she said, to which she responds she just said to do his best.

Mashirao finds Ikkaku.

Mashirao then decides to turn around and makes his way towards the front of the temple, leaving a surprised Toru behind. Meanwhile, Ikkaku is stuck in an area of the temple, complaining that his Quirk won't allow him to go further. Mashirao finds him and the prankster asks him if he was there to look for the treasure, which he denies, telling him that he had come to rescue him after deducing he wasn’t able to get too far in with all the traps.

Annoyed, Ikkaku yells he didn't ask for his help. Mashirao tells him that he understands why he is always trying to do incredible and dangerous things, and that is because he feels ashamed of having a very modest Quirk. On the verge of crying, Ikkaku admits that he is right. His Quirk is a simple Horn that sometimes detects things, and compared to the powers of many of his classmates, he considers his weak and useless.

Mashirao tries to comfort him when Toru appears running towards them as the ground starts crumbling. Alarmed, Mashirao asks if this is another trap, but Toru says that there's a villain, which turns out to be the passenger they met on the ship.

The villain rants he came to the ruins looking for the treasure but the only thing he founds were traps and more traps. Pissed off by all that, he decides to destroy the ruins using his Quirk. Upon touching the ground, it begins to fragment, and Mashirao grabs Ikkaku to prevent him from being damaged. Seeing them surprised by his Quirk, the villain explaisn it allows him to disintegrate any type of rock he touches.

Mashirao defeats the villain.

The villain threatens them by saying that he can destroy the whole temple and have it cave in on them. He then runs off and says he'll take the treasure, touching the walls as he runs so the hallway begins to crumble. Due to the destruction he causes, Mashirao understands that they cannot go after him, so he tells his partner that they need to do something to catch up to him. Toru uses her Warp Refraction to blind the villain for a few minutes, giving Mashirao the chance to defeat him by attacking him with his tail. Seeing Mashirao's prowess, Ikkaku is impressed by how strong he is despite the Quirk he has.

As they return to Terakoya School, Ikkaku boasts about how he found the legendary ruins of the island, only to be scolded by his teacher and friends for showing off. Ikkaku then says that his Quirk could probably have some use after all, and he is going to look for that as he aims to be a hero. He looks towards Mashirao who says he will be rooting for him. Toru says that Mashirao is able to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their classmates, many of whom have powerful Quirks, making him ordinarily excellent.

Toru "kisses" Mashirao.

It starts raining, and Mashirao admits that his Quirk is pretty basic. Even so, he’s fine being ordinary, as most people in the world are, so in this way he can see the same things the world also sees. That's the reason he’s proud of his Quirk. Toru approaches him and apparently kisses him on the cheek, which makes him blush and fluster, although Toru assures him that the only thing she did was touch him with her finger while putting on the glove and laughs.

The rain then stops falling as both Toru and Ikkaku say he is really cool. Mashirao thanks them for their compliment.

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