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The Worst Combo ( (さい) (あく) のふたり Saiaku no Futari?) is the sixty-first chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


All Might tells Izuku and Katsuki to cooperate together to defeat him.

Shota says that the ten teams will be transported by U.A. High School's buses to an uninhabited training city area where their exercise test will take place. The remaining Class 1-A pairs are shown: The Principal versus Denki and Mina, Thirteen versus Yuga and Ochaco, Present Mic versus Koji and Kyoka, Ectoplasm versus Fumikage and Tsuyu, Midnight versus Hanta and Minoru, Snipe versus Mezo and Toru, Cementoss versus Rikido and Eijiro, and Power Loader versus Tenya and Mashirao.

Class 1-A and the U.A. teachers arrive at the uninhabited city; Class 1-A form their respective pairs and the pairs go with their assigned teachers to their designated areas. Every U.A. teacher explains the test exercise win conditions; each pair must either handcuff their assigned teacher or one of them must escape the battlefield. The two optional win conditions must be accomplished within 30 minutes. By accomplishing one of the win conditions, the pair will win and pass the test exercise. The U.A. teachers will also be using super compact weighted bracelets (courtesy of Mei Hatsume) to handicap themselves. Chiyo Shuzenji, monitoring the test exercise, begins the test.

Ectoplasm multiplies and creates four clones of himself that surround Fumikage and Tsuyu. Ectoplasm says that all of the U.A. teachers will not hold back.

Shoto asks Momo to create random objects in order to distract Shota because the test depends on who finds who first. Shoto informs Momo of their plan: he will fight Shota while Momo makes an escape. Shoto tells Momo not to get separated until then.

Seeing that they are at a disadvantage, Fumikage orders Dark Shadow to throw Tsuyu onto the next floor which it does. Tsuyu grabs Fumikage with her long tongue and throws him onto the next floor as well. Ectoplasm comments on their nice synergy.

In the monitoring room, Chiyo remarks that the ability to communicate and work well with anybody is a vital Heroics skill.

Katsuki decides to fight All Might in order to handcuff him while Izuku suggests that they avoid the fight and escape instead. Katsuki ignores Izuku's suggestion and begins going toward All Might. Izuku tells Katsuki that the idea of him beating All Might is ludicrous. Katsuki smacks Izuku onto the ground and angrily orders him to stop talking, while Izuku says that he is talking because he wants them to pass. They get into an argument; Katsuki declares that he can pass the test himself and does not need Izuku's help, while Izuku says that Katsuki's bad temper is the reason nobody likes him. Suddenly, All Might throws a punch which devastates the area Izuku and Katsuki are in, causing Izuku to fall down. All Might decides that it is time for him to enter the battlefield.

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