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Training from Hell ( () (ごく) (しゅ) (ぎょう) Jigoku no Shūgyō?) is the fifth chapter for My Hero Academia: Team-Up Missions, written and illustrated by Yoco Akiyama.


Denki and Shoto head to the place to do their Team-Up Mission, with Denki telling his classmate that this is the first time they've teamed up on a mission before. However, Denki also comments that the letter also indicates that two more people have been requested in addition to the two of them, and he wonders who their other teammates are. Then, someone calls for Shoto, and when they turn around they see that it is Inasa Yoarashi accompanied by Seiji Shishikura. Seiji is not glad to be teaming up with students from U.A. but Inasa is enthusiastic about the idea. Seiji reminds others that they have been requested by the Stubborn Hero: Gantetsu, a Pro Hero known for his inflexible and rigid personality. Despite this, Inasa is excited.

The four group up and enter the Pro Hero Gantetsu's Agency where they meet the Hero, being impressed by his unyielding presence. The four students introduce themselves to him before being interrupted by Gantetsu, who makes things clear to them by saying that they must do what he orders them. It turns out they are tasked with making soba noodles. Confused, Denki wants to ask Gantetsu about it, but Seiji stops him before he does, explaining that the Stubborn Hero is known for not talking too much, but much of his actions have discretion hidden them, so their apparently unheroic task must be some kind of test.

The four students start making soba but they all fail at it miserably. Gantetsu criticizes their methods, saying Inasa is putting too much water and tosses him aside. Seiji uses his Meatball Quirk to knead the dough, which grosses out Denki but Gantetsu compliments his method. Seiji is carried away by the compliment and begins to lecture Denki about what he should do to prepare soba, although all he gets at is confusing him. Inasa ends up cooking udon, being scolded by Gantetsu as he was supposed to prepare soba. Shoto then shows him his serving, but when Gantetsu examines the soba noodles, he scolds him because they are poorly done.

Disappointed, Gantetsu tells the students to go home. Inasa bows down and begs Gantetsu to give them another chance. Gantetsu decides to give them one last chance and the students thank him for it. Shoto also thanks Inasa to which he responds enthusiastically saying they must show Gantetsu their passionate team-up work. The four of them then have a meeting on how they can convince the hero that they are worthy of doing the job. They then decide the best way to show their talents is to do so like a hero.

Several minutes later, they put on their hero costumes and approach Gantetsu, presenting a perfect wad of soba, and Gantetsu notes that they have greatly improved the texture of the noodles. He wonders how did this happen. It turns out that the four students organized and collaborated together, and by using their Quirks they were able to make the best soba noodles. Gantetsu congratulates them, telling they have passed the task.

As they celebrate, a person enters the establishment and tries to convince Gantetsu to hand over his shop, but Gantetsu replies that he had already said no and he never intends to give in. The students do not understand what is going on, although Seiji is confused when they refer to the place as a "shop". Frustrated at the old man's refusal, the outsider tells him that if he does not plan to give up his store the easy way, he will do it the hard way, and orders two villains to attack Gantetsu.

Shoto, Denki, Inasa, and Seiji immediately intervene to defend Gantetsu, who tells them not to. However, the students refuse to stay still while all that happens, although because they don't want the situation to turn into anything major, they end up resolving things inside the shop, and using their Quirks they easily defeat the villains without causing damage to the place.

Inasa notes that he's gotten better at wielding his wind, and Shoto says he's gotten better at adjusting his fire. Denki says that they improved their skills because of the soba making, and Seiji proclaims that he was sure their task was not just simply to make soba noodles. However, shocked by what he just saw, an incredulous Gantetsu asks them if they are actually heroes in training, which confuses the students.

It turns out they mistook the locations. The old man explains they are not in Gantetsu’s Hero Office but a restaurant owned by Gantetsu, a soba's artisan. The real Hero Office is in the neighboring town. Even so, Gantetsu thanks them for saving him and protecting his business, so he invites them to eat there whenever they want. Grateful, the students leave to go to their true destination, where they will receive a thorough scolding from the real Gantetsu.

Afterwards, when Shoto returns home, Endeavor comes up to him, saying he heard from Fuyumi that he had made soba, asking if he brought some; Shoto bluntly says no.

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