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Re: Ingenium (:Re () インゲニウム Ri: Ingeniumu?) is the fifty-fourth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Shoto encourages Tenya to be the man he wants to be where Tenya struggles to get up. Tenya is ashamed that he needs protection from his friends, Izuku and Shoto. Tenya remembers his brother's motivation for being a Hero: that helping people is the best motivation for being a Hero. Shoto attacks Stain with a stream of ice concealed in it is fire but Stain dodges. Stain criticizes Shoto for relying on his Quirk too much and prepares to cut Shoto with his katana. Tenya agrees with Stain; that he is a failure as a Hero and pales in comparison to Izuku and Shoto. Stain's Quirk wears off and Tenya gets up with the motivation of not wanting to be outpaced as a Hero by Izuku, Shoto and his brother. Tenya uses Recipro Burst and smashes his leg into Stain's katana, shattering the katana in half and saving Shoto in the process. Tenya then kicks Stain away.

Tenya apologizes to Izuku and Shoto for getting them involved in his problems, not wanting them to spill anymore blood for his sake. Stain criticizes Tenya for having a change of heart, saying that a man's character never changes and that Tenya is a fake Hero who prioritizes selfish desires; Stain says that people like the selfish Tenya are the "cancer" of society and that he is here to correct that. Shoto tells Tenya to pay no heed to Stain, but Tenya says that Stain is correct about him not being a true Hero. Tenya tells Stain that he cannot give up so easily as doing so means that Ingenium would die, much to Stain's anger.

Tenya asks Shoto to cool down his leg, but Stain attacks Shoto with daggers to which Tenya intercepts and falls to the ground. Izuku regains his mobility and activates One For All: Full Cowl, jumping off Shoto's ice platform towards Stain. Shoto cools Tenya's leg, restoring Tenya's mobility. Tenya uses Recipro Extend and leaps into the air towards Stain. Shoto encourages Izuku and Tenya to press forward with their attacks; Izuku punches Stain in the face with his enhanced might while Tenya hits Stain in the stomach with his speed enhanced kick.

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