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Those Who Commune with the Abyss ( (しん) (えん) () (かい) (しゃ) Shin'en no Rikai-sha?) is the fourth chapter for My Hero Academia: Team-Up Missions, written and illustrated by Yoco Akiyama.


"Such is destiny's choice for us all."

At Heights Alliance, Izuku receives a Team-Up Missions request, but is confused because the paper is blank, and wonders if it has been sent by mistake. Fumikage approaches him, and after explaining the situation to him, Fumikage brings the paper closer to a lighter, revealing that it was written in invisible ink. In the letter, Izuku, Fumikage and Shihai Kuroiro from Class 1-B are requested for a Team-Up Mission by an unknown hero.

Following the directions on the letter, the three of them head to the place where they must meet the hero, and along the way Fumikage and Shihai make edgy comments toward each other, which makes Izuku feel a little puzzled. They finally arrive at the right place, a great big gate, entring inside, facing the hero and his sidekicks.

He introduces himself as the Edgelord Hero: Odd-Eye, presenting himself in an over-the-top manner, even referring to his sidekicks as his "familiars". He shows a fondness for darkness related concepts, and begins to give a speech about how heroes are seen as beacons of hope by citizens, but despite that, they are still human, people who hide dark secrets within, and to be a worthy hero one must overcome their inner secrets. To find out if all three are worthy, Odd-Eye suddenly pounces on the students.

Izuku talks about embarrassing delusions from his childhood.

Fumikage and Shihai get out of the way, but a confused Izuku doesn't in time, and Odd-Eye puts his hand on his face and activates his Quirk, Mind Reaper, which causes whoever is touched to start to spill their deepest, most embarassing, secrets within. To his surprise, Izuku suddenly begins to talk about how he is a huge All Might fanboy, and his old dreams of being his sidekick. Izuku falls to the ground, unable to bear the embarrassment of having told this secret.

Odd-Eye then chooses Shihai to reveal his secrets and grabs his arm. The student assures him that his Quirk will not work on him as he has no dark history, but the hero reveals that he has his own issues being self-conscious around girls, as he thinks about Kinoko Komori. Even though Shihai tries to be cool and denies it, his face turns red, confirming that it is true.

Odd-Eye's surprised when his Quirk doesn't work.

The hero then decides that it’s Fumikage's turn and put his hand on his face, but to his surprise, his Quirk does not work on him. In his edgy way, Fumikage assures him that he has nothing shameful to hide. Despite this setback, Odd-Eye proclaims that he is going to "release his true power", but Dark Shadow emerges and punches him. Due to the low light in the room they are in, Dark Shadow begins to get violent without Fumikage being able to control him. Odd-Eye starts to laugh manically because of this, and Shihai wonders if he has something planned, although the sidekicks explain that Odd-Eye laughs uncontrollably when he feels he's in a pinch does not know what to do.

Dark Shadow begins to attack all of them, as Izuku says that the only way to stop him is with a light source. Shihai is worried because he doesn't see anything in the room that'd work best, but then Odd-Eye's sidekicks bring out a studio light, directly shining Fumikage and calming Dark Shadow down. Izuku asks them why they have something like that, and a sidekick explains that Odd-Eye uses it for dramatic lighting. Once everything is over, Odd-Eye delivers an edgy speech about light and the dark and how they have been able to stop the beast, even though he did nothing.

The three students return to the U.A. with both Izuku and Shihai surprised to know that Fumikage doesn't have any embarrassing secrets. Dark Shadow pops up to say it isn't true and that he used to do something up until grade school, but Fumikage stares at him threateningly and orders him to shut up, causing Izuku to think about there being real darkness within him.

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