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Christmas Eve Hero (聖夜の英雄 (ヒーロー) Seiya no Hīrō?) is the forty-sixth chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


After leaving their job and school respectively, Koichi and Kazuho head to the Marukane for a meeting. On the way, they meet Captain Celebrity, who carries Makoto in his arms as he flies, and they offer Koichi and Kazuho the opportunity to ride Captain Celebrity too. They accept, and arrive soon to the place, although the flight made Koichi get a bit of a cold.

Marukane Performers enjoy Christmas.

When he asked why the girls and Captain Celebrity are not cold, the hero tells him that it is due to his Flight Quirk, which generates an aerodynamic barrier that, in addition to allowing him to flight, protects him from cold, heat and physical damage, and he can extend this barrier to protect what/whomever he is in contact with, although he only does it with the women, leaving the men unprotected. Koichi is not amused. Makoto tells Koichi that this information about the quirk is top secret, and it can be dangerous if the villains know its characteristics and weaknesses.

After the meeting, the Marukane Performers enjoy Christmas together. After the celebration Makoto informs Captain Celebrity that he can return to the United States, because his license will be reinstated. When he asks about the lawsuit, she says that most of these lawsuits amounted to entrapment of some kind and were otherwise frivolous. She also informs him that he is going to be a father, which surprises Captain Celebrity because he did not have idea that his ex-wife Pamela was pregnant. This news makes Captain Celebrity very happy.

Captain Celebrity's reputation improves dramatically.

After the party, the Little Sisters of Saint Lila’s Academy get into a taxi, but from the sky appears a flying creature that takes the taxi, with the girls inside. Captain Celebrity goes out in pursuit, but just when he is going to reach them, the Scarred Man, who had organized everything, explodes the creature with a device. Using his aerodynamic barrier, Captain Celebrity manages to protect the girls, leaving unharmed of the explosion, although when doing it he lowers his own protection, suffering several wounds, although nothing really serious. The witnesses come to Captain Celebrity and begin to take pictures for his feat, he asks them not to do it because he’s looking his worst, but Makoto encourages him by saying that he has never looked better.

Meanwhile, the Scarred Man observes everything on top of a building. With his attack, he manages to deduce the weak point of Captain Celebrity’s Quirk, and decides to leave to prepare a new attack to end his life, releasing more flying bombers.

Chapter Notes

  • More details about Captain Celebrity's Quirk Flight are revealed.
  • Number 6 has plans to murder Captain Celebrity.
  • The Bombers are introduced.

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