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Ultimate Move! (必殺!! Hissatsu!!?) is the forty-first chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Octoid is caught.

Koichi shoots a Crawler's SGB at point-blank range to Octoid. However, the shot does nothing but piss off the villain even more, who sets out to chase Koichi through the warehouse. But while he is chasing him, Shota Aizawa uses his capturing weapon as a net and captures Octoid, hanging on one of the supports of the warehouse.

The group tries to recover from the fight, and they ask Kirihito to call the police. He sets out to do it, but he gets too close to Octoid, who despite being entangled, attacks him, initiating a new fight between them. The confrontation makes the warehouse collapse, and Octoid is free by accident. The villain decides to take advantage of the confusion to run away. Kirihito says that what happened is not his fault, but the others tell him to shut up and everyone go after Octoid.

Number 6 knocks Octoid down.

Following the trail of blood left by the Next-Level Villain in his escape, O'Clock's Pupil meets Octoid in an alley, who charges against him. However, he defeats him easily using his Quirk, and extracts a blood sample from his body. When he was about to leave, Octoid throws him a stone that causes a slight scratch on his face, but that greatly angers O'Clock's Pupil, because he thinks it might distract from the "cool, character-defining scar" he gave himself as an homage to someone he admires.

The group finds Octoid very badly hurt.png

O'Clock's Pupil gives Octoid a brutal beating, but he can not kill him due to the limit of his Overclock Quirk, so he stops for a few seconds to cool down before using his quirk again. During that waiting time, he tells Octoid how he intends to kill him. When the student of O'Clock is ready to finish him, Koichi and the rest arrive at the place, which forces him to leave. Everyone is surprised to see Octoid very badly hurt, and Koichi is sure he has seen someone.

The next morning, Aizawa is talking with Naomasa about Octoid. the detective asking him if he suspects who might have left Octoid in such bad shape. Based on the modus operandi, Naomasa believes it could be the work of Knuckleduster. Shota tells him that it is not probable, although he does suggest him let The Crawler road free for a time.

Shota ignores Koichi.png

At that moment, Koichi appears with Kazuho and greets Eraserhead, assuring her that they kinda became friends the other day. Aizawa simply looks at him menacingly, causing Koichi to back away. Naomasa asks Shota if he is acquaintance of his, to which Aizawa responds that he simply confuse him with another one.

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  • This chapter was initially titled A Rational New Move?! (合理的な新技? Gōri-tekina Shinwaza??), but was amended for the volume release.

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