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A Rational Team-Up (合理的に共闘 Gōriteki ni Kyōtō?) is the fortieth chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Fighting against the Next-Level Villain Octoid, Shota Aizawa is seriously injured. When the villain was about to finish him, Koichi stands between them and shoots Octoid a repulsion beam, hitting him in the face and saving Aizawa. Knowing that he has used his quirk without a license in front of a hero, Koichi tries to play dumb, but before it continues, Octoid has already recovered, irritated by Koichi's attack.

Hotta Brothers attack Octoid.

The Hotta brothers transform themselves by injecting Trigger and decide to attack Octoid too. Koichi tries to excuse himself for his earlier attack by saying he did it in self-defense. The Hotta Brothers say the same and that the Trigger they used is a legal version. Aizawa decides to leave details for later and accept their assistances, while putting his left arm in a sling using his bidding cloth.

Their attacks do not seem to have much effect on Octoid, so Aizawa asks Koichi to keep shooting him. Koichi says it's too dangerous standing still and holding his ground against the villain, but Shota tells him that the idea is to draw his attention, he just has to keep the distance and pepper it with light shots. Then, he ask the brothers if they know an area where there are no civilians. One of Hotta Brother says he know a area, and everyone goes to the place while Koichi keeps shooting Octoid to make him chase them.

Octoid interumps Kirihito's Tea time.

Meanwhile, in the Hotta Brothers warehouse, Kirihito Kamachi is enjoying his tea time and listening music. Jiro Hotta suddenly arrives and suggests him to leave the place, but Kirihito is upset and admonishes him for invading his privacy without being announced. Then, Koichi arrives and is surprised to find there the Mantis Villain against whom he fought weeks ago. His attitude annoys Kamachi and reproaches him that he can not judge people and treat them as villains because of their appearance. And then Aizawa and Ichiro arrive.

Koichi prepares to fire at Octoid.

Kirihito thinks that what the four of them are doing doesn’t seem like his business, and he continues with his teatime. Then, Octoid arrives and causes great mess in the place. This makes Kirihito mad and attacks the villain. However, Octoid proves to be too strong even for the former Next-Level Villain, so the rest decide to intervene.

Aizawa and the Hotta Brothers distract Octoid, while Koichi prepares to shoot him a more powerful version of his repulsion beam at point-blank range.

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