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Two Who Support (二人 (ふたり) のサポーター Futari no Sapōtā?) is the third chapter for My Hero Academia: Team-Up Missions, written and illustrated by Yoco Akiyama.


Melissa greets Toshinori after arriving at U.A.

Burnin greets Melissa and thanks her for taking the journey from America, advising the Supporter to rest. Melissa politely denies her suggestion and states she needs to head over to U.A. High School. At U.A., Toshinori greets Izuku in the hallway and praises him for his latest mission, inquiring if he had done any recent maintenance on his hero costume. After the student states that he hadn’t, Toshinori suggests they both go to the Development Studio to make some adjustments on it.

On the way there, Melissa shows up surprising the pair and the trio reunite with friendly conversation, where Melissa reassures Toshinori that her father is doing well. Melissa also reveals that she is at U.A. for support item research, forming a team with Department of Support student Mei Hatsume. In the studio, Melissa and Mei decide to work together on the costume modifications, and Izuku enthusiastically lists out his preferred alterations: improved durability with few changes to the original design.

Mei's design for Izuku's costume.

Mei immediately begins drafting out a design, excitedly exclaiming her intended modifications. Melissa attempts to suggest a different approach in order to make the costume lighter, but Mei immediately declines her proposition and insists her original design was cuter. Despite Melissa’s attempts to change her mind and create a design that would be in accordance with the client’s wishes, the partners’ conflicting opinions ends the discussion in a stalemate. The two then decide to have a competition to see which individual could make the better support item while Toshinori and Izuku listen in confusion.

Melissa saves Mei with a support item.

A few days pass, and the group ends up at the U.S.J. to test the new costumes using disaster simulations, with an audience of Eijiro, Katsuki, Denki, Minoru, and Toshinori. Mei is the first to test out her costume—a bulky suit with an integrated automatic avoidance feature that allows Izuku to automatically dodge obstacles—though its low battery life results in Izuku taking a blow from a boulder as Katsuki laughs in delight. Izuku tries out Melissa’s costume next, where he happily comments on its high quality and its preservation of the original design. However, much to his dismay, the costume rips from the damage.

Melissa and Mei reconcile.

Izuku continues trying out prototypes as Toshinori ponders on the lack of compatibility between Mei and Melissa’s styles when creating support items. At Izuku's request for a break, Mei attempts to pause U.S.J.’s disaster system but fails, realizing that it lost control through overuse. The students try to defend themselves from the chaos with Izuku saving Melissa from incoming debris. They try to save Mei from a landslide, but she rushes towards a pile of support items and Melissa uses a support item to pull her partner back just in the nick of time.

Mei reveals that she went back to save Melissa’s costume design from the support item pile, which had piqued her interest and she compliments Melissa for the fantastic design and material used. They exchange compliments and reconcile, with Mei exclaiming that she believed they would make a good team. Toshinori and Izuku cheerfully watch them, but Izuku is promptly dismayed as both girls turn to him to continue testing costumes.

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