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Must-Have Merchandise (これがみんなの欲しいモノ! Kore ga Min'na no Hoshī Mono!?) is the thirty-sixth chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


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Two big men are arguing on the street and about to fight. Koichi appears to stop them, but all he gets is a slap on the face that leaves him a mark. Later, as he walks to the Marukane for a meeting, he talks to Kazuho about how since he started using his Wall Cling, he feels like he’s getting walloped more than ever. Kazuho tells him that it is because of his tendency to meddle in the affairs of others. When he asked about Makoto, she replies that she is in the hospital visiting a familiar.

Koichi and Kazuho meet with several other members of the Featherhats for business matters. the Marukanee has decided to set up a Narufest’s Official Shop to sell merchandise of the group, so the agenda for that day is brainstorming what kind of merch they wanna see. Each one suggests several ideas.

Ichimoku, Jube and Teruo appear to advise and help them. As they are fans of Pop since she started acting on their own in the streets, they have been doing merchandising since then, so they want to use their experience and knowledge for Featherhats official products.

Koichi, who until then was asleep, suggests selling All Might Hoodies. The others telling him that that does not make sense, as there is no connection between the Marukanee and All Might. Koichi tries to explain the reasons but his logic is too absurd for the rest. Makoto arrives to the meeting, and quickly accepts several of the suggestions, including Koichi’s idea about hoodies. Then she leaves shortly after with the Captain Celebrity to another meeting.

Makoto reveals the Captain Celebrity hoodies.

Later, Koichi and Kazuho return home together. Koichi is happy that his idea has been accepted, but Kazuho believes that the All Might Hoodies has nothing to do with them, and thinks about trying to convince Koichi to give up. However, Koichi truly believes that All Might Hoodies will be a succeed, so Kazuho decides to leave him in his fantasy world.

Two weeks later, Makoto arrives with the official merchandising. And Koichi does not resist to open the box that contains the Hoodies, but to his displeasure, these are not All Might Hoodies but Captain Celebrity’s. Koichi is depressed because of this, which surprises Makoto, asking why he wants All Might hoodies when their operation’s got nothing to do with All Might.

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  • This chapter was initially titled Merchandise (グッズ Guzzu?), but was amended for the volume release.

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