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Light Fades to Rain (Light (ライト) Fades (フェイズ) To (トゥ) Rain (レイン) Raito Feizu Tu Rein?) is the three hundred and sixty-second chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Tamaki fires his Plasma Cannon at "Tomura."

With his Ultimate Move unleashed, Suneater thinks about how if his attack fails it's all over for them, remembering everyone's words of encouragement to him, how he was unable to accept them before, but now must thank them all for helping make him stronger. Combining Nejire Chan's energy into his combination arm, he blasts his Vast Hybrid: Plasma Cannon directly into "Tomura Shigaraki", who counters with his onslaught on fingers, followed by Lemillion giving him a hard punch to the face.

Despite the immense power of the cannon, it is still not enough, as "Tomura" mocks the Heroes for thinking that an attack like that could've killed All Might in his prime. He then turns to see Dynamight standing, who despite Best Jeanist's insistence, stands firm, telling Izuku he has to win.

"So, Izuku, can I still catch up to you?"

Blasting forward toward "Tomura", he's able to quickly dodge and swerve around each of his attacks. He thinks about how his Explosion Quirk lets him detonate his nitroglycerin-like sweat, and that the Cluster upgrade he created had a side effect he was unaware of. Saving up his sweat into the launch able beads put a burden on the glands in his palms, and by continuously doing this, he kept storing the beads in the glands until they were forced to find other exits and leak out over his body, which gave him more speed.

With his entire body hurting, and the pain aching away at him, Dynamight realizes this is the path Izuku has been walking all this time, asking if he can still catch up to him. "Tomura" meanwhile wonders why he is getting pissed off and panicking so easily by an "extra" who doesn't possess One For All, seeing a blurred visage of the Second User of One For All, and telling Dynamight to die.

Katsuki lies lifeless on the ground.

In a white void, Katsuki sees a visage of All Might and tells him that ever since he met there was so much going on so he missed his moment to ask him, but he always wanted to get him to sign his All Might trading card. At that moment, Dynamight's heart bursts as "Tomura" punches him in the chest, even despite the rest of the Heroes attempts to help and recover him.

At this time, weather reports begin to notice a drastic change in temperature over the skies of Kanto, Chubu, and Kansai regions, with civilians believing it to be rain. "Tomura" mocks that all he was doing was retracing their previous battle, that "they've" come prepared with the perfect Demon Lord body for the Final Boss, that this is their story, the Villains' tale. While Mitsuki Bakugo thinks about how their son was never a fan of rain, Best Jeanist screams out at Dynamight's heart, as his body lies lifeless on the ground with a hole in his chest.

Chapter Notes

  • Suneater unleashes his Ultimate Move, the Vast Hybrid: Plasma Cannon at "Tomura", though it is still ineffective at stopping him.
    • He also loses what he manifested to "Tomura's" attack.
  • Dynamight uses his enhanced speed thanks to his Cluster technique to evade "Tomura"'s attacks, despite the pain it inflicts on his body.
    • "Tomura" starts to lose his cool being nearly overpowered, seeing a memory of the Second User of One For All.
  • Dynamight's heart stops as "Tomura" punches him, leaving him seemingly lifeless with a hole in his chest.

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  • Suneater's accumulation of all the minerals he's eaten and turning it into a massive cannon shares similar characteristics of Lady Nagant's Rifle.

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