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Abnormal Happenings ( () (へん) Ihen?) is the three hundred and sixty-first chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Deep within the mind of "Tomura Shigaraki", Tenko reacts to Lemillion's claim about him not having any friends, causing "Tomura" to hysterically yell out that Mikkun and Tomo like him, and that Mon always wants to go on walks with him, so he does have friends. The outburst baffles the two of them, causing Lemillion to apologize, before he's hit by another wave of fingers.

Tomura pursues Best Jeanist and Dynamight.

Lemillion wonders what happened that resulted in that reaction, before then noticing that "Tomura's" main body is far stronger than his fingers, with their attacks barely able to do any damage. Meanwhile, "Tomura" feels his mind splitting, that even though the body is complete and that he should be fully assimilated, he can still sense a component within that hasn't melded yet: not Tomura, nor All For One, but Tenko Shimura.

Realizing he can't let this drag out anymore, "Tomura" turns to confront Dynamight again, telling Lemillion he's not going to fight someone who's just trying to buy time. Lemillion then thinks back to shortly before their attack, when he told Suneater and Nejire Chan his plan to rescue Dynamight and keep "Tomura" busy fighting him up close using his Permeation. Aware he won't be able to stall for much time without a solid attack, he then turns to Suneater, telling him he'll keep "Tomura" busy for as long as he needs to get that ready.

Tamaki unleashes Manifest's true power.

Best Jeanist prepares to protect Dynamight, while "Tomura" simply declares that they're struggling to remain conscious now, and that they ended up building their own tomb instead. Nejire Chan appears to halt "Tomura", shooting more Pike attacks just as she's about to be swallowed by the fingers. She begins to think back to her early days at U.A., when people believed she looked down on everyone because of her powerful Quirk anytime she tried to get close, causing her to grow distant. But then, Tamaki awkwardly tried to befriend her, asking what hero she's a fan of, which allowed her to get to know him and Mirio better, and in turn open up and become stronger for it.

Nejire Chan shoots her Wave Motions directly toward Suneater which he absorbs, as he prepares to unleash the true potential of his Manifest Quirk and his "Vast Hybrid", releasing every one of the animals and plants he has eaten into one ultimate fusion, thinking about the words of encouragement from his friends as motivation.

Chapter Notes

  • Lemillion's comment to "Tomura" re-awakens the spirit of Tenko Shimura that still remains within him.
  • "Tomura" prepares to try and finish off Dynamight, while Lemillion and Nejire Chan continue to attempt to distract him.
  • Details about Nejire's past are revealed.
    • She used to be cold and distant towards everyone at U.A., due to their belief that she looked down on them because of her powerful Quirk, until Tamaki, and then Mirio, befriended her, causing her to open up.
  • Tamaki unleashes the true potential of his Quirk, creating an ultimate fusion of every animal and plant he has eaten in his system, combined with Nejire's energy.

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