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Regarding the Enemy ( (てき) について Teki ni Tsuite?) is the three hundred and fifty-sixth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Fumikage destroys All For One's Mask.

After Hawks partially cracks All For One's mask, Earphone Jack jumps off of Tsukuyomi and Dark Shadow, telling them to attack now and catch her later. Realizing Hawks isn't strong enough to finish it off, Tsukuyomi covers his body with Black Abyss and unleashes a "Ragnarök: Fleeting Blow", creating a giant fist that smashes All For One's mask, destroying it.

Tsukuyomi catches Earphone Jack, while Hawks mocks All For One for assuming they were just trying to buy some time. All For One, meanwhile, struggles as he realizes his senses are lagging behind. Since losing his eyes and ears, he's made up for it with countless sensory Quirks, to detect vibrations and Infrared sensors, making him leagues ahead of an ordinary human. He knows Earphone Jack's Quirk wouldn't be strong enough to hinder his perception, so the real reason is that his Quirks are rebelling.

All For One realizes that since switching to a copy of his Quirk, he's become more vulnerable and his authority has weakened. At the same time, Hawks prepares to use this opportunity to finish All For One for good with a katana slice. But then, All For One retaliates within by absorbing several of the vestiges into himself, and outside by unleashing a hell of Rivet Stabs with him at the center. Hawks protects Tsukuyomi and Earphone Jack from most of the damage, while All For One uses the Rivets to grab and repair the pieces of his mask.

Just then, Endeavor returns to the battle, protecting the three Heroes from the Rivet Stabs, with his right arm being ripped off in the process, as All For One continues to mock his relentedness. Within his mind, Endeavor's younger self berates him for being weaker than ever, and that everything he's tried to do has just exposed the weakness that's always been there. "Enji" tells Endeavor to remember his origins, and the real enemy, reminding him when he saw his father try to save a little girl from a villain, only for both of them to be killed.

Endeavor continues to face All For One despite losing his right arm.

He tells him to remember the feelings of jealousy and inferiority he felt towards the true supermen, or how he chose the word meaning "hard work" as his hero name, showing his menial nature, all to keep his ugly heart from falling apart. Endeavor grabs "Enji"'s neck, who continues that he'll never be like All Might or Deku, and that he's been fighting his weakness this whole time, so not to think about a new rebirth; to instead keep cursing the real enemy, his weakness, the only thing that's kept him alive.

Unleashing a fiery fist from his amputated right arm, Endeavor blasts All For One with a punch, declaring that as long as he's alive, he will do his duty and finish this fight.

Chapter Notes

  • Tsukuyomi uses his new Ultimate Move to punch All For One's mask, successfully destroying it.
  • All For One realizes the vestiges are able to resist him due to possessing a copy of All For One, making him weaker and more vulnerable.
    • He fights back against the resisting vestiges by absorbing several of them into himself, and unleashing a hell of Rivet Stabs both toward his opponents, while also reclaiming the broken pieces of his mask.
  • Endeavor returns to the fight to protect the three Heroes, losing his right arm in the process.
    • It is revealed what inspired Endeavor to be a hero was after seeing his father get killed while trying to save a girl from a villain.
    • Endeavor conflicts with his younger self about what has always been his true enemy, his weakness.
  • Endeavor forms a fiery fist from his amputated right arm, punching All For One and declaring his intention to finish things.

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