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Ultimate Moves ( (ひっ) (さつ) (わざ) Hissatsuwaza?) is the three hundred and fifty-second chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Back at Heights Alliance, during their final night at U.A., the boys of Class 1-A head to the baths. Izuku talks to Shoto about his worries for him fighting Dabi, but he says it was his decision, and while his father will be annoyed he couldn’t keep his promise, they’ll think of it as his “punishment”. He tells him Dabi’s existence is their family’s crimes, and in order to reach what he’s aiming for, he can’t run from this.

Shoto then shows off his Flashfire Fist: Phosphor technique, which gets Izuku really excited. The boys mention that he had been focusing on it while he was gone, though Shoto states training and maintaining it is still difficult. He explains that he elevates his Flashfire using his right and left sides at the same time, with his heart being central to make them both manifest, creating what is akin to cold fire through his heated and chilled blood. He mentions how Endeavor wanted to use the ice to control his inner heat, while he’s going in the opposite direction. Now feeling more confident in affirming the reason why he was born in his family, he thanks Izuku, telling him it is his power.

Back in the present, Shoto unleashes an “Icebound Crash - Coldflame's Pale Blade” at Dabi, yelling at him to cool his head, sending him flying. Dabi manages to recover using his fire, noting how since he has a body to withstand his fire and the ice to quench his flames, he is the perfect “man of the job”. After jumping backward, he says that after hearing him talk about right and wrong choices, he realizes that even though they share the same blood, they ended up completely different.

Shoto ends up losing control of his Phosphor and needs to switch it back on, just as Dabi touches the ground, screaming that a “warped rail” like him could never mingle with a straight and narrow one, and they are the limitations of their super-powered society. Pushing his fire into the ground, Dabi unleashes volcanic eruptions all over the battlefield, telling them all to burn for their sake. Burnin, Kido, and Onima take the brunt of the damage to protect Shoto, who apologizes while they say not to waste his energy.

Shoto thinks about how the only think he needs to say is “Thank you”. After his blood and his past, he’s been able to reclaim so much of himself, but it still seemed like everyone else was so far ahead of him. However, they were actually all already beside him, every member of Class 1-A never let anyone behind, and were always there to reassure him.

Building up his fire and ice, Shoto bursts toward Dabi’s chest, telling him they’re going to mingle whether he likes it or not, and to stop already, unleashing his Ultimate Move, Great Glacial Aegir, a gigantic wave of cold fire that shoots directly through his chest. The fire all over Kamino is frozen over by Shoto’s ice, as he grabs ahold of the seemingly unconscious Dabi.

Chapter Notes

  • Shoto reveals his Phosphor technique involves circulating the heated and chilled blood within his body to create what is akin to cold fire on his chest.
  • After being attacked by Shoto's new Super Move, "Coldflame's Pale Blade", and realizing that Shoto can withstand his heat and neutralize his fire, Dabi unleashes the full might of his fire through volcanic eruptions all over the battlefield.
  • Thinking about how his classmates have always been there for him and never left him behind, Shoto unleashes his ultimate move, "Great Glacial Aegir", freezing the entirety of the city and seemingly neutralizing Dabi for good.

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