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Two Flashfires ( (ふた) つの (かく) (しゃく) Futatsu no Kakushaku?) is the three hundred and fifty-first chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


According to the Hero Almanac, the Super Move Flashfire Fist builds up internal heat to the maximum threshold, before unleashing it all as an attack, and is the peak manifestation of fire achieved by Endeavor. While he mastered the move in his quest for power, it led to him understanding his own limitations, while the fire resulted in the warping and distortion of those he gazed upon.

Dabi continues to turn up the heat further and further.

The increasingly combusting Dabi laughs and thanks Shoto for the chat, stating that he’ll make for some fine kindling even with their dad not there. Shoto continues to control his fire and ice, noticing how Dabi’s raising his temperature even faster than him with no hesistation, and responds he’ll be the one to stop him.

Dabi then proceeds to comment on his thoughts he has about Shoto too. Right after working on reboosting his weakened flame, Dabi remembered back to Endeavor’s words to encourage him, while the numbing of his body stripped away his limitations, allowing him to follow his lead with max output. Asking if Shoto is a fan of All Might, Dabi unleashes Flashfire Fist: Hell Spider, sending a wide array of fire spirals all outside the tornado. The Heroes try to evade, recognizing it as Endeavor’s move, with Ingenium noticing it as thicker and more haphazard, causing him to worry about Shoto.

Dabi unleashes a Hell Spider.

Burnin, Kido, and Onima use their Quirks to protect Shoto as he readies his blast, but Dabi suddenly appears behind him, having used the Hell Spider as a distraction. Dabi throws a fiery punch at Shoto, asking him how he felt holed up at U.A. with all the scared civilians, as the son of Endeavor and brother of Dabi. He continues his assault, lambasting Shoto as despite being “the boy born with everything”, blessed with an ideal body in the right place, he still depends on everyone else, and as a half-baked puppet, he’ll never make a thing of himself, unleashing a Jet Burn attack that blasts Shoto directly into a building.

However, Shoto manages to neutralize the heat, to Dabi’s surprise. He responds that he’s not wrong and was full of doubt all this time, recognizing himself as a “half-baked dummy”. Despite that, considering he thought Dabi was only ever focused on Endeavor, he’s glad to hear that he’s been keeping a close eye on him too. After thinking about how he’s been working on a move in order to keep the pace with everyone, he declares that he turned Flashfire into something more, and now it’s a move to stop him.

Shoto's ultimate technique, Phosphor.

Back at U.A. before the War, Endeavor calls Shoto to tell him to reconsider their team placement, but Shoto asks about All For One, since among the remaining Heroes, he’s the only one who can stand against him, just like Izuku is the only one who can face Tomura. He says that not only is he the best pick to stop Toya, he wants to be the one to do it. Endeavor says it should be his duty, but Shoto responds everyone has their part to play, and together they’ll defeat all the Villains.

Shoto yells to Dabi that even though their dad was a madman and their family screwed up, everybody he burned to death was his own choice, and that he is not taking any more innocent lives. Dabi reacts vigorously as Shoto tells him to aim his rage at his family, unleashing his ultimate Super Move, Flashfire Fist: Phosphor.

Chapter Notes

  • Dabi utilizes the Flashfire Fist technique to unleash Hell Spider and Jet Burn attacks on Shoto and the Heroes.
    • Dabi comments on his disappointment towards Shoto, due to have been given everything and never being able to take advantage of it, always relying on others.
  • Before the War, Endeavor tried to convince Shoto to change teams, but Shoto remained adamant about needing to be the one to face Dabi, just like Endeavor needing to face All For One and Izuku needing to face Tomura.
  • Shoto unveils his own Flashfire Fist technique, Phosphor, a move completely of his own making, combining his fire and ice into one, and one which he declares to use to take Dabi down.

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