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Battle On, Challengers! ( (ふる) え!チャレンジャー Furue! Charenjā?) is the thirty-fifth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


The third match of the first round ends in the blink of an eye; Ibara Shiozaki defeats Denki Kaminari by making his Quirk backfire on him with her type advantage Quirk. In the stands, Izuku is writing down information on Ibara's Quirk, causing Ochaco to note that he has been incredible ever since she met him. Ochaco suddenly tells Izuku that she has to go to the waiting room and leaves.

The fourth match of the first round, Tenya Ida (who is equipped with Mei's support gear) versus Mei Hatsume. During their match, Mei uses the opportunity to advertise her support equipment and items. After ten minutes of cat and mouse, Mei, feeling that she has shown everyone her support gear effectively, walks out of bounds. Tenya wins due to this action but he is not pleased with Mei using him.

Tenya goes to the waiting room and finds that Ochaco is in it. Izuku arrives shortly afterwards to check on Ochaco, saying that the fifth and sixth matches went by in a flash: Mina defeated Yuga after making his belt malfunction and Fumikage defeated Momo by striking first while preventing her from using her Creations. Ochaco expresses concern about her match with Katsuki, prompting Tenya to mention that he might go easier on her because she is a girl, but Ochaco replies that Katsuki is the type to never go easy. Meanwhile, the seventh match between Eijiro and Tetsutetsu rages on, both of them hitting each other blow for blow. In the waiting room, Izuku offers to give Ochaco a strategy against Katsuki, but Ochaco politely declines the offer, saying that she will be fine. The match between Eijiro and Tetsutetsu ends in a draw, both of them having beaten each other to the point of exhaustion, thus the combatant who will move on to the next round will be decided by an arm wrestling match. Ochaco leaves the waiting room, telling Izuku and Tenya that she will meet up with them in the finals.

The final match of the first round is about to begin: it is Katsuki Bakugo versus Ochaco Uraraka.

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