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Crabtastic Rampage! (カニカニ大暴走や! Kanikani Dai Bōsō ya!?) is the thirty-fourth chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Fat Gum uses his Quirk to hold the machines.

In the loading dock, Fat Gum confronts the Kanidoge's Mechs. When he is about to attack them, Monika tells him not to do it, because the workers mounted on them are innocent people trapped by the evildoer's machinations. Fat Gum then decides to use his strength and his Fat Absorption Quirk to hold the machine. Then, Monika help him and uses her Scissors Quirk to cut the straps and free the hostages. Once the workers are rescued and secured, Fat Gum pulls out the clamps and leaves the mechs deteriorated.

The villain congratulates the two for their actions. Detective Naomasa gives him a warning shot, assuring him that next time he won’t miss. Monika warns Naomasa to be careful, as the villain has an acceleration quirk that gives him extreme speed. Taking into account this information, Naomasa orders the speedster villain to get on the ground slowly. The villain just smiles.

The mech explodes.

Without noticing, the damaged mechs approach the batch that containing Trigger and explode, destroying all evidence. The villain takes advantage of the distraction to escape.

While Naomasa and the rest are recovering, they hear a ruckus over by the stage. To her horror, Monika remembers that there is still a Kanidoge's mech totally out of control and causing problems: the one she used. Monika fears that, like the other mechs, her mech could blows up in the middle of the crowd. Fat Gum decides to take Monika with him to handle the uncontrolled machine, while Naomasa, along with the rest of the police force, goes after the speedster villain.

Kazuho is trapped in a mech.

In the convention, Kazuho is trapped in the rampage mech, unable to free herself or stop the machine. Koichi tries to help her but falls into one of the souvenir stand. Fat Gum and Kaniko arrive and see the disaster. They chase the mech to stop it before it explodes, but it is too fast for them. Suddenly, Koichi advances them using his Slide and Glide quirk, and jump on the mecha, staying attached to it by using his Wall Cling. Koichi is glad that she is unhurt, and to Kazuho's annoyance, he attributes this to his All Might Hoodie that he acquired at the stand where he fell earlier.

Kazuho tells him to stop foolishness and help her, but Koichi does not know how to do it, so an angry Kazuho calls him an useless idiot.

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  • This chapter was initially titled Rampage (暴走 Bōsō?), but was amended for the volume release.

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