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Battle Flame (BATTLE (バトル) FLAME (フレーム) Batoru Furēmu?) is the three hundred and forty-ninth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Deku blasts his way toward the battlefield.

Using Float, Fa Jin, and his Air Force, Deku blasts his way across the ocean, however laments that he is still too slow, noting that there’s nothing for Blackwhip to sling off of, so he is unable to use his Faux 100 Percent technique. He thinks about needing to get faster, when the Second User of One For All appears telling him not to lose his cool.

He reminds him his gear can't withstand using One For All at 100%, asking if he plans on hurting himself before he even reaches the battlefield. He then asks if he tried to activate his Meta Ability, which Deku responds yes to. He tells him that it is only to be used as a last resort, as after melding with One For All, it has evolved into a "unique power" and something which can't be wielded like it used to. He tells him to believe in his friends, who are all out there for their own reasons, and to focus on his own battle.

Back on Okuto Island, Uravity and Froppy note that Deku’s gone, with the latter thinking about how she couldn't stand the thought of her friend's secret being revealed like that. Himiko tells the girls she’s had enough and that she’s ready to be who she wants to be, while caressing her pouch thinking about Twice. Himiko declares she has no need for Heroes, while Uravity declares she will also live the way that's right for her.

Meanwhile, in Kamino Ward, Dabi completely burns everyone down in a fire tornado, accompanied by a Near High-End Nomu, dwindling down the accompanying Heroes. He reminiscences on the current events being similar to the Hosu Incident, as seeing that battle was what spurred him to action in the first place. Ingenium stands outside the fire tornado, noting the incredible heat and how he can’t get any closer or his Engine will overheat.

Inside, Dabi is confronted by Shoto, Burnin, Kido, and Onima, lamenting how Endeavor couldn't face him and instead sent his son and his three Sidekicks to deal with him. Onima warns Kido to stay back, since he can't withstand the heat, though Kido notes that he's been redirecting the trajectory of the air around him with his Quirk, and just like he has done for the past decade, he will continue to follow his leader's orders because he wants to. Burnin then says that even despite his family drama, Endeavor always got the job done, and now that he's entrusted them to Shoto, they have his full support.

"Here's the story of how I became Dabi..."

Shoto declares that he’s not there because someone ordered him, but because he wants to be the one to stop him. Dabi claims that still just makes him their dad's pawn, but Shoto replies that if he simply ignored him and tried to be a hero, then that would be true. Dabi proclaims about how this War is about the people involved, not the mindless soldiers, but the ones who want to change or destroy the world, fighting for their feelings, all representing the limitations of their super-powered society. Shoto then asks Dabi if he was alive this whole time why didn’t he come back home. Dabi, as his increasingly rotting flesh emerges, states that, as his older brother, he will explain how he became Dabi, why he's still alive, and how his flames even surpassed his father's "masterpiece".

Chapter Notes

  • Deku uses Float, Fa Jin, and Air Force to blast his way across the ocean toward his battlefield.
    • He is cautioned by the Second User not to overdo himself.
  • The Second User reveals that his Meta Ability has evolved beyond the point it used to be, and so it must only be used as a last resort.
  • In Kamino, Dabi creates a fire tornado and is confronted by Shoto and the Flaming Sidekickers, who state their desire to be there as their own choice.
  • Dabi prepares to tell Shoto the truth of how he survived, as his flesh continues to fall off his body.

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