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The Story of How We All Became Heroes, Part 3 ( (みんな) がヒーローになるまでの (もの) (がたり) Min'na ga Hīrō ni naru made no Monogatari ③?) is the three hundred and fortieth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


All Might's plan to separate All For One and Tomura.

At Central Hospital, the “League of Villains/Paranormal Liberation Front Counter-Force” has assembled with All Might and Hawks addressing the Police Force and American military. They mention how due to Yuga's situation, they’re ready to move ahead after deeming everyone involved trustworthy. Hawks continues that Endeavor, Best Jeanist, and the other big Heroes are currently in command out in the field, so they’ll be keeping their current circle small to detail the classified information.

Among the group is Wild, Wild PussycatsRagdoll, who even though she wishes the rest of her team could’ve been involved, due to her Search Quirk being used for evil, she wants to do whatever she can to help everyone. All Might places tiny buttons of All For One and Tomura on a whiteboard, stating that whether they’re going for Plan A or B, what they must do no matter what is to split them up.

Based on the data from the fight against Star and Stripe, they realize Tomura has far surpassed All For One in power, recalling his fight in Kamino as an example of the latter’s strength. He also refers to the “mind meld” they exploited during the Assault on Tartarus, unsure of the full extent of their shared consciousness beyond communication with Radio Waves, saying that if they were to attack together, they’d have no hope of victory.

One of the pilots ask why they didn’t work together to fight Star, which All Might believes is because All For One would potentially be vulnerable to New Order, with her speaking his name. He states that they must at least separate them by a minimum of 10 kilometers if they want a chance at victory.

Naomasa adds that they know the Villains will do everything to make sure that won’t happen, with All Might bringing up the threat of Dabi’s flames and how he could single-handedly stop them in their tracks. Ragdoll takes this as meaning they first need to isolate Dabi, before All Might clarifies that they’ll need to isolate all of them: separating each of the League's major operatives, luring them out individually, and defeating them one by one.

Several men say it’s easier said than done, with All Might responding they need to have a strategy to make it happen, which Naomasa figures is Yuga. He adds that while he does sympathize with his situation, considering he still turned his back on society, from his position he still has to proceed with caution. All Might says he chooses to believe in Yuga, and he already believes in his teacher: Shota Aizawa.

Shota speaks with Yuga in an interrogation room, where the doctor accompanying him states that based on the examinations, they found no irregularities with his brain waves or bodily functions. Shota figures that Lady Nagant’s fate was the result of something All For One obtained after his defeat by All Might. He also realizes that if he really planted an explosive in Yuga, there would be no need for the public display of threats to his family in case of betrayal. All that All For One planted was a seed of fear in them.

Shota tells Yuga to keep fighting.

After telling him he’s lucky to have friends who stood up for him like that, Shota asks if he’s afraid of All For One. Yuga responds yes, as well as fearing that the more his classmates believe in him, the more he’ll lose faith in himself, and that even if he took their hand, if All For One appeared before him, he's worried he’d make the same bad choice all over again. His fear causes him to not want to do anything anymore, and just die somewhere alone. Shota continues that even given leniency, his sins will always be with him, and that when the war is over, he may not have a home at U.A. anymore. However, he declares to Yuga that he will fight, because it’s the only thing he can do.

Yuga understands that, realizing he must become another pawn for victory, with Shota adding that he understands they may be no different from All For One, using him for their own interests. But even so, he’s not going to let him be forever tormented by his sins, and as long as he’s in charge of the Hero course, he’ll take care of all his students. He tells him he doesn’t teach his students to live a life burdened by guilt, and even if he feels ashamed, he must walk along with those who lend a hand to him, at the same time thinking about Kurogiri.

He tells him that they will protect him and as long as he’s with them, he’ll be okay. Yuga responds with a face of determination. He then asks what someone like him could accomplish, as Shota clarifies that they won’t be sending him in on his own, and that it’s a path they’ll all walk together. Meanwhile, back at U.A., the General Studies students call out to a costume-clad Hitoshi Shinso, telling him it’s time to go.

Chapter Notes

  • A League of Villains/Paranormal Liberation Front Counter-Force is assembled consisting of All Might, Hawks, Ragdoll, Naomasa, the Police Force, and Star's American brothers-in-arms.
    • Their plan is to separate Tomura and All For One by at least 10 kilometers to prevent them from combining their power.
    • This also involves isolating each from all major operatives of the League and taking them out one by one, so that they will be unable to assist either.
  • Yuga is interrogated by Shota, where it's confirmed he does not possess an explosive trap like Lady Nagant.
    • Shota theorizes only people All For One had contact with after his defeat from All Might could potentially have an explosive trap within.
  • Shota informs Yuga that he’s still accountable for his actions, and that he may not be allowed to return to U.A. once the battle with the villains finally ends. Yet he still has no intention of expelling him.
  • Shota manages to convince Yuga to help them fight back, telling him not to let the guilt ruin the rest of his life.
  • Hitoshi Shinso's hero costume is revealed.

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  • Hitoshi's position at the end of the chapter is a reference to Spider-Man's classic hanging upside down pose.

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