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Stumbling into Nasty Business! (ヤバいモンめっけたで! Yabai Mon mekketa de!?) is the thirty-third chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Monika undercover.

Monika's manager teaches Kazuho how to handle the company's mecha for the show. Koichi asks if it's okay to replace one official mascot Idol with another. The manager is surprised by this, because Monika is not the company’s Idol. He recognizes that he did not know that the event was about, so he guess they did register Monika as the Kanidoge's idol, so to speak, but in reality she's just sales the stuff, very good at her job but has a tendency to be absent.

Meanwhile, in the SS Mall loading dock, Monika sees three workers unloading the food packaging, two of them mounted on mechs. Continuing with the operation, Kaniko enters and asks the workers to let her check the merchandise, using as an excuse that the books just weren’t adding up, over in the market. Although a little surprised by such out of the blue decision, the workers agree, and give her a tablet.

The "worker" asks if something's wrong.

Doing her job as a cover agent, Monika sees that there is a batch of products that does not correspond to the company's catalog. Thinking that this is where the Trigger is hidden, she opens one of the boxes. However, there seems to be nothing strange: the box just contains a crab and several icepacks in two different sizes, and there is no false bottom to hide the drug.

One of the workers comes to ask her if she figure out the issue. However, Monika points her gun at him, asking who he is. The suspect says he is only a part-time worker, but Monika tells her that she knows each and every one of part-timers who work there. She also realizes that the drug is hidden in the icepacks, and the tablet contains important information about the smuggling operations.

The mechs go on a rampage.

Having been discovered, the villain congratulates Monika for her deduction skills, and uses his Quirk to snatch the gun and the tablet in a blink of an eye. Surprised by this, Kaniko quickly takes cover and requests for reinforcements. Fat Gum and the Police Force enter the loading dock and order everyone to stop what they’re doing and get their hands in the hair. The workers obey, but the villain does not. Fat Gum taunts him to use the gun on him, but the villain just drops the gun and quickly enters a code on the tablet. This activates the Kanidoge's mechs to start rampage the place.

Meanwhile, in the idol event, the Kanidoge mech that Kazuho handles is activated.

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  • This chapter was initially titled Infiltrate (潜入 Sen'nyū?), but was amended for the volume release.

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