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The Story of How We All Became Heroes, Part 2 ( (みんな) がヒーローになるまでの (もの) (がたり) Min'na ga Hīrō ni naru made no Monogatari ②?) is the three hundred and thirty-ninth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Izuku believes Mei is unaware of the state of the outside world.

Mei asks Izuku and Tenya what they need from her, with Izuku lamenting how his Danger Sense didn’t activate. Tenya tells Mei they came looking for repairs for their Hero Costumes. Mei is confused why they don’t just take them to the item agency, and Tenya responds that with recent disruption to the agencies, they have to rely on the support course. Mei’s increasingly nonchalant reactions cause Izuku to realize that Mei has no idea what is going on outside.

Power Loader emerges from the explosions, once again berating Mei, telling the students to come in. Seeing the new set-up in the Development Studio, Power Loader reveals they are in charge of both developing and controlling the U.A. Barrier. Izuku hands Mei his Mid-Gauntlet, asking if she can fix it for him, but she immediately says no, as due to how damaged it is she’d have to create a new one, and they don’t have the amount of condenium required for the compression mechanism. Tenya then asks for repairs for his armor, but just as quickly she shuts him down due to not having a spec sheet. Two of her classmates approach the two saying they’ll make it for them.

"Inventing stuff... is how the support course does heroics."

Tenya is surprised that Mei would turn down the offer due to how much she loves making things, as Izuku looks on to see her currently working on the evacuation shelter blocks. Power Loader tells them that Mei was brought on to help strengthen the barrier, and she’s been busy creating new mechanisms in case of mass evacuation. Power Loader compliments her inventive mind, and she responds with how she always needs to try think up new “babies” to improve themselves.

Izuku compliments Mei on how focused and busy she is with her inventions that she had no idea how the outside world is, but Mei responds calling him dense, saying that even she is aware of the trouble Heroes are facing now. And while they aren't fighters, they’re also doing everything they can to protect people; inventing stuff being how the support course does heroics.

Before Izuku can react, Mei throws a pair of Air Force Gloves attached to new make-shift Gauntlets right at his face, saying that she couldn’t make an exact copy but it’s the best she can do, surprising Izuku that she did that all with just her left hand. She proceeds to throw a new piece of armor for Tenya right at his face too, exasperating the support students that she did it all so fast. She concludes saying for them to tell the rest of the hero students that they’ll all win this.

The Heroes continue to clean up the streets, preparing for War.

Outside, Izuku and Tenya meet up with the rest of Class 1-A and Mt. Lady, who reminds them that even after learning what they just dealt with, their main objective is tracking down and elimating the remnants of the Paranormal Liberation Front and the League of Villains, and they must do it all without haste. Mina wonders if Yuga will still take their hand and help them, with Izuku and Shoto replying that they believe he will come back. Following Izuku, the Class 1-A Search Squad assembles and heads out.

Meanwhile, in the Kansai Region, Nejire Chan, Suneater, Fat Gum, and Ryukyu have just defeated a villain and rescued some civilians, planning to take them to Shiketsu High School. Ryukyu states that if the number of people keep dwindling, there will be a drop in available information for them, with Fat Gum saying that now there will be no more sneak attacks and raids at each other, with everyone gearing up for a true all-out war. Elsewhere, at Central Hospital, All Might, alongside Hawks, discuss their Plan B and the “other battle” that could decide everything.

Chapter Notes

  • The Support Course is revealed to be in charge of developing and maintaining the U.A. Barrier.
    • Mei is in charge of creating new inventions to assist in the case of mass evacuation.
  • Mei creates a new make-shift Gauntlet out of the remains of Izuku's Mid-Gauntlets and his Air Force Gloves.
  • The Class 1-A Search Squad assembles to track down the remnants of the Paranormal Liberation Front and League of Villains.
  • All Might and Hawks go to Central Hospital to discuss their "Plan B".

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