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The Story of How We All Became Heroes, Part 1 ( (みんな) がヒーローになるまでの (もの) (がたり) Min'na ga Hīrō ni naru made no Monogatari ①?) is the three hundred and thirty-eighth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Yuga is the key to deceive All For One.

After Izuku's pleading toward Yuga, Naomasa Tsukauchi gets Sansa to cover up Yuga's mouth. He reminds Izuku that no matter the circumstances, he still conspired with All For One, and they still aren't sure if he's booby-trapped like Lady Nagant, so they can't allow him to talk again until he's examined at Central Hospital.

Naomasa continues to interrogate the Aoyama parents, with them revealing they didn't report to All For One about the Kamino Incident since they could only communicate with him when he contacted them, but Izuku cuts him off, reminding them that they have no way of locating All For One. Denki jumps in realizing his point about "steering the villains" to enter the fight with Momo adding that Yuga may be the only one able to deceive All For One, all the while Yuga thinks about why everyone is willing to trust a "despicable villain" like him.

Present Mic asks Class 1-A why, with them being the greatest victims after all this, they're so willing to trust him. Tenya simply responds that what happened is in the past, and with them being unable to realize how he's been feeling all this time, they carry some responsibility, so they must reach out to him as friends in order for them to become equals again.

Shota assures Yuga that he will not expel him.

Katsuki says he went through hell because of him and that giving him a couple of Howitzer Impact blasts will make them equal, while Eijiro shouts that he knows Yuga thought it would be impossible to go against All For One, but now Izuku has given him and his parents a chance to finally break free from him, reminding him that they would never blame someone for being Quirkless, or would hate them for holding back their tears and hiding their pain in secret.

Naomasa reminds the class that the Aoyamas already told them All For One won't believe any lies so they need to keep a level head, when Izuku is called on by Shota Aizawa, watching from a tablet held by Present Mic. He asks Izuku if he has a plan, with Izuku responding that he doesn't. Shota then addresses Naomasa, taking full responsibility for also not recognizing Yuga's pain and siding with the rest of the class, informing Yuga he has no intention of expelling him from U.A.

Enraged over Yuga's betrayal, Class 1-A vows to take down All For One.

Shota reveals that he has an idea, and after the Aoyama Family's ears have been covered, he informs Class 1-A, the U.A. Staff, and the Police Force of his plan. After the discussion, Nezu states that it seems possible, while Naomasa has the Aoyama Family escorted back to their HQ, telling everyone not to say a word to anyone else about the plan. Before he leaves, Izuku shouts out to Yuga, with the rest of the class looking on sullenly.

Back at Heights Alliance, Class 1-A take a breather, before getting ready to gear back up, as everyone, with fire and rage in their eyes over the betrayal, prepares to bring All For One down once and for all. Izuku and Tenya go to the Development Studio in order to fix up their hero costumes, when Izuku is suddenly caught in a very familiar explosion blast. Mei Hatsume emerges from the smoke, once again landing directly on top of Izuku, as she asks him what he needs, all the while his face keeps a stern expression.

Chapter Notes

  • Yuga and his family are taken to Central Hospital for further study.
  • Class 1-A want to forgive Yuga for his actions so he can help them take down All For One.
    • Shota Aizawa sides with his class, as well as coming up with a plan to make use of Yuga.
  • Izuku and Tenya head for the Development Studio to fix up their hero costumes.
    • Izuku encounters Mei Hatsume again.

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