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A Disposable Life (使 (つか) () ての (じん) (せい) Tsukaisute no Jinsei o?) is the three hundred and thirty-seventh chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


At the villains’ hideout, Dabi asks All For One whether it’ll be a problem if his “friends” get caught, but All For One says it won’t be at all. If his friends succeed, he’ll be rejoiceful, but if they fail, it’s a just a brief disappointment before moving on to the next plan: his “friends” are merely just “disposable tools” that he wants to gleam the most amount of excitement as they can.

Back in the U.A. forest, Yuga’s parents attempt to escape with their son, while Izuku and Toru chase them. Yuga thinks about how his parents were concerned for him because he was Quirkless. They were from wealthy families and raised him in luxury, wishing for nothing but his happiness after learning he was “different”, worrying about it even more than him, before coming across a rumor of a man that can give Quirks to others.

Izuku restrains the Aoyama Family.

He suffered due to his Quirk, which wasn’t compatible with his body. His parents had still raised him lovingly, while dealing with their own angst, which sprang forth his dream to become a Hero to give back to them after they gave so much to him. However, after learning he was going to be attending U.A., as well as that All Might had been hired to teach at the school, they started to receive commands from All For One. First, to tell him when their class is isolated. Then, the location of their training camp. And finally, now that Izuku has returned, to lure him somewhere alone.

Yuga tells Izuku that after reading his letter and finding out he was also Quirkless, he fell into utter despair. Izuku’s Danger Sense goes off as Yuga prepares to fire at him with a Navel Laser, but Toru jumps in front and uses her Warp Refraction to shoot the laser away. Toru confronts Yuga, telling him everyone could have died and all of Japan has been messed up, as her face starts to briefly appear, tears flowing down her eyes, asking what was going through his head, even while living with them all. The Aoyamas try to rebut, but Izuku uses Blackwhip to restrain all three of them, as he tearfully tells Yuga for them to put an end to this now.

Class 1-A devastated by Yuga's betrayal.

In the U.A. A.V. Room, the Aoyamas are interrogated by All Might, Detective Naomasa Tsukauchi, and the U.A. staff, learning he received his Quirk about 10 years ago, and that he doesn’t seem to be rigged to explode like Lady Nagant was. Nezu asks the students to leave the room, but a devastated Class 1-A bluntly refuse. Mashirao asks what he was planning to do if Toru didn’t expose him, Eijiro begs him to say it’s a lie, while Katsuki simply states that it’s a “small world” that he’s another one of them that started out as Quirkless.

Naomasa asks the parents all they know about All For One, with the father saying they know nothing, only that they carried out his orders, and if they failed or lied, they would be killed, having been shown the bloody remains of someone who tried to go to the police in the past. The father continues to beg that it was only them who are at fault and Yuga had no idea. Yuga begins to break down, thinking about everyone that could’ve died because of him, yet he still had the nerve to smile with everyone like they were friends. Especially after seeing Izuku, another former Quirkless person, fighting so hard againt All For One, made him realize how pathetic he was, wallowing in his own despair, and that he’s just a villain through and through.

"You can still be a Hero!"

However, Izuku retorts, asking why he tried to save Katsuki and Fumikage during the Training Camp, as well as asking about the cheese message, realizing that it was a cry for help, and that’s why he’s crying now. He continues that he knows of another Hero who was manipulated by All For One, but her soul wasn’t crushed, only her spirit. He states that doing wrong doesn’t make you a villain for the rest of your life, leading Katsuki to realize his plan, as he extends his hand to Yuga, telling him that he can still be a hero.

Chapter Notes

  • More information is revealed about the Aoyama Family.
    • Yuga's parents both came from wealthy backgrounds. They heard rumors about a man who could give Quirks and contacted All For One.
    • Yuga had his Quirk for ten years, which was incompatible with his body.
    • It is revealed that All For One told Yuga to attend U.A. after learning about All Might becoming a teacher.
    • He has given Yuga three commands: to inform him when the class was isolated, to tell him the location of the training camp, and currently to lure Izuku away.
    • All For One also admits to seeing the Aoyama Family, as well as most of his other subordinates, as disposable tools.
  • Izuku restrains Yuga and his parents before they can escape.
    • Toru's face is briefly revealed for the first time in the confrontation.
  • Class 1-A, the U.A. Staff, and the Police Force discover the truth about the Aoyamas.
  • Izuku extends his hand to Yuga, stating he knows he never had any villianous intentions, proclaiming he can still be a hero.

Characters In Order of Appearance


  • Yuga's hiding spot during the U.S.J. Incident is seen for the first time, alongside a flashback to the events of the Training Camp.
  • Alongside Yuga himself, Katsuki notices the similarities between Izuku and Yuga's backgrounds of being Quirkless.

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