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Villain ( (ヴィラン) Viran?) is the three hundred and thirty-sixth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Class 1-A in the midst of their training.

Class 1-A continue to train amongst themselves in the courtyards of U.A. Katsuki talks about how he's learnt to “build up and release” from their internship, but now he’s focused on saving up a bunch of sweat. So rather than one big Explosion, he can create a barrage of explosions at once to power his new Cluster technique. He also stays in his winter suit so that he can sweat faster. Izuku notices Shoto trying a different approach too, as he’s now reached the point where his control over his left side has caught up to that of his right, so now he needs to make both halves into one in order to achieve a body Dabi can’t burn.

Denki discusses with Minoru about how with Tomura and All For One currently weakened and Gigantomachia still sedated, the fight should be easier for them, but Katsuki tells them three reasons why they’re wrong. First is that even after being able to locate the research facilities and hideouts, the Heroes were never able to track down All For One himself, being a champ at “hide-and-seek”, so they are unlikely to find him again.

Momo adds the second thing, which is that Tomura was incomplete in the previous battle, and they’re only working with half of their Heroes now. Katsuki says the last point is that the villains will be the ones to decide when the battle starts, as even if the Search Quirk was destroyed, they’re the ones with the edge to start the battle, which is why they're all focusing on calling up everybody possible to help.

Izuku says they need to try and dictate how they enter the fight, and that he’s going to rejoin the search soon, before being repremended by Tenya, reminding him that not only Izuku, but “we” will be rejoining the search. Looking around, Izuku asks if he can go for a quick scroll, which Tenya says is okay as relations between the Heroes, students, and the evacuees have grown warmer since Ochaco’s speech. Denki adds that even with his back against the wall, All For One’s still the one with the grin on his face.

Yuga's parents beg their son to follow All For One's commands.

Elsewhere, in the U.A. Forest, Toru is investigating someone, having noticed that “he” has been looking especially down ever since the War, while also noticing that ever since Izuku came back, he hasn’t smiled once. Two voices in the distance tell someone they just received another order from “him”, and to keep listening as they always have. A tearful Yuga Aoyama listens to his parents as they remind him he has to do what All For One says, or they’ll all be killed.

Toru reacts in shock, realizing that Yuga has been the traitor the whole time, with his parents hysterically trying to reassure Yuga, reminding him of how he was able to inform All For One about the training camp's location without being exposed. They talk about how all they wanted was his happiness, but since he was born without a Quirk, they didn’t want him to be shunned by everyone else. They say that if they knew how bad it would’ve gotten they never would have done it, but the moment they got his Quirk from All For One, they were forever trapped under his influence with no way of escaping. Toru panics, thinking about needing to tell someone, when she spots somebody nearby approaching.

Yuga talks about how painful everything has been for him, being completely crushed by his guilt and his attempts to prevent him from exposing himself. When All For One was captured in Kamino, he thought that they would finally be free, with his parents begging him for his forgiveness, as Yuga just cries about wanting to protect them, while they beg to be saved.

Yuga tearfully tells Izuku that he is a despicable villain.

The three are alarmed when they hear a rustle in the woods, seeing Toru accompanied by Izuku, having heard some of the details from her. The parents try to feign ignorance, while Yuga thinks about how when the class went to bring him back to U.A., he was the only one who was silent. Izuku tells him that he noticed how gloomy he’s been looking, and believing something is wrong, came looking for him. Hearing his words, Yuga sorrowly admits to Izuku that he was the one who helped the League during both the U.S.J. Incident and the Training Camp, declaring himself a “despicable villain.”

Chapter Notes

  • Class 1-A continue their training.
    • Katsuki has developed a new technique to make use of his Cluster move, saving up a bunch of sweat for a barrage of explosions.
    • Shoto has reached the point where control over his left side has caught up to his right, so now he's focusing on using both at the same time.
  • Gigantomachia is confirmed to still be tied up and unconscious.
  • The "U.A. Traitor" is revealed to be Yuga Aoyama.
    • He was born Quirkless, and his parents made a deal with All For One to give him his Navel Laser Quirk in a desperate move to grant their son a happy, successful life.
    • Because of the deal, the Aoyamas were forced to comply with All For One's orders against their will, or else they would face dire consequences.
    • He provided information aiding in the U.S.J. Incident, as well as providing the location of the Summer Training Camp.
    • His parents receive another order from All For One, apologizing to Yuga for still needing to do this.
  • Toru and Izuku learn the truth and confront him, as he tearfully confesses.

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  • Yuga's background mirrors that of Izuku's, in that they were both born Quirkless and received a Quirk that they were not used to.

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