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Parting Gift ( () 土産 (みやげ) Oki Miyage?) is the three hundred and thirty-fourth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


"Tomura" flees the battlefield.

Using the Wing Quirk taken from the Near High-End Nomu just before Bursting it, "Tomura" desperately attempts to escape the battlefield in order to find someone to transfer New Order to, before he's destroyed within and from the fighter jets. He once again curses All Might's existence as he takes off into the sky, blowing far away from the fighter jets attempting to pursue. One of the pilots looks on at the remains of Star and Stripe, thinking about her sacrifice, and how she already was the greatest hero.

At the pier, a prison escapee named Kashiko Kashi is laying low alongside a fellow female ex-inmate, when suddenly "Tomura" busts in to their hideout. He touches Kashiko's face, planning to take his Quirk to make him Quirkless, so that he can safely transfer New Order to him without it revolting, allowing him to preserve it.

"As long as people stand up to save each other...someone will inherit that will of heroism."

However, as he's about to, the Star and Stripe vestige mocks him, stating that thanks to all the Quirks she revolted against, it has resulted in the death of her final embers. As she starts to fade away, she declares even though she wasn't able to kill him, as long as people are willing to stand up to save each other, the will of heroism shall be passed on, and will put an end to him. All For One balks that the winner is the one who lives the longest, while deep within the core of Tomura and All For One, the soul of a young Tenko Shimura, surrounded by hands, thinks about "a hero", and calls out to Izuku Midoriya.

The pilots and the Japanese Heroes try to track down Tomura, but were only able to find traces of the conflict at Kashiko's hideout, now back at square one. Meanwhile, the news of Star's death spreads across the world, with the rest of the nations now believing if she couldn't defeat Tomura, then it was hopeless to aid Japan and send their heroes to die, leaving them vulnerable to any attacks. Fearing a social breakdown from within their homelands, every nation, including the United States, withdraw all of their aid to focus on protecting their own, despite the disagreement with Heroes like Salaam.

All Might informs Class 1-A about Tomura's delayed completion.

Meanwhile, Star's pilots go to see All Might, who tell him her sacrifice was not in vain, while All Might sadly laments about wanting to see her again. The pilots tell them their fighter jets have a record of the battle, and were able to measure all of Tomura's bio-signatures, as well as every Quirk during the fight, providing the data to them to use, alongside the ones already being studied at Central Hospital.

The next day, two days after Izuku had returned to U.A., All Might informs Class 1-A that Tomura was supposed to have his body completed by the following day, but thanks to Star's battle, Tomura won't be able to make a move for at least another week, which happens to be her parting gift. All Might tells everyone to use the time to their advantage, as Izuku and everyone prepare to finally defeat All For One and Tomura once and for all.

Chapter Notes

  • "Tomura" escapes the battlefield using the Wing Quirk taken from the remains of the Near High-End Nomu.
  • He attempts to preserve New Order in the body of a prison escapee, Kashiko Kashi, but the Quirk is destroyed after revolting against and destroying many of "Tomura"'s Quirks.
    • Deep within the core of Tomura and All For One, Tenko Shimura calls out for Izuku.
  • The nations of the world withdraw their plans to aid Japan after hearing about Star and Stripe's death.
  • The pilots provide data recorded during Star's battle against "Tomura", revealing some of his bio-signature and Quirks.
  • All Might reveals to Class 1-A that they have a week until Tomura is completed, with the extra time being Star and Stripe's parting gift.

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