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State-of-the-Art Hypersonic Intercontinental Cruise... ( (しん) (がた) (ごく) (ちょう) (おん) (そく) (たい) (りく) (かん) (じゅん) (こう) Shingata Gokuchōonsoku Tairiku-kan Junkō?) is the three hundred and thirty-second chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


In the past, a young Star and Stripe hangs out with her fellow soldiers, as she laments over the limit of how strong New Order can make herself. She wonders if it's because she’s just a girl, but her partners reassure her it’s just how her Quirk is, and to make use them to back her up when she needs it. They tell her not to compare herself to All Might, because she’s already great enough to have a chance at catching up to him. She thinks about how good hearing all that made her feel.

In the present, the Tiamat missiles make their way toward the battlefield, as Star tells the pilots to focus their lasers onto "Tomura" while she prepares to catch the missiles. The burned "Tomura" thinks about how she’s just using the lasers to keep him in place, and that she’s wating for one final blow to end it all, which he starts to sense fast approaching.

Star and Stripe attempts to finish "Tomura" for good.

As the Tiamat missiles arrive, Star jumps toward and taps one of them, using New Order to redirect the missiles, only needing to touch one for it to work. The laser rule dispatches, causing "Tomura" to seemingly try and escape, but the pilots barrage him with lasers to keep him pinned, while Star uses the huge construct of herself to grab the missiles and blast "Tomura" with a "State-of-the-Art Hypersonic Intercontinental Cruise Punch!" On the main land, Endeavor spots the explosion from far off in the distance.

Star looks down at the crater left behind by the missiles, only to see a cracked hole in the bottom; "Tomura" gleefully emerges out from it. Having figured out that Star was planning to attack him with "something dangerous", he used Decay to quickly dive underground to save himself, thinking about how if he was just a second late it would’ve been fatal.

"Tomura" grabs Star and Stripe.

As it turns out, he had used the Nomu as a decoy for the pilots, while he states he was only just playing along with their game, and if it was anyone other than him they would’ve been done for. "Tomura" orders the Nomu to Burst, resulting in the Nomu exploding as he jumps from jet to jet toward Star, gloating how "me and myself" will make better use of her resources.

One of the pilots tells Star to quickly end him by using her air construct to crush them both in an explosion, with her thinking about how it won't be enough due to his Super Regeneration. The pilot calls out to her to do it, but she can’t pull herself to, simply smiling to herself, as "Tomura" jumps and grabs her face.

Chapter Notes

  • It is confirmed New Order has a hard limit toward how strong it can power up its user.
  • Star and Stripe redirects the Tiamat missiles to vaporize "Tomura" for good.
    • Realizing the danger, "Tomura" uses the Nomu as a distraction while he Decays himself underground to prevent most of the blast from affecting him.
  • One of the pilots tries to get Star to sacrifice himself to stop "Tomura" but she can't do it.
    • "Tomura" grabs Star's face.

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