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Me and Myself ( (おれ) (ぼく) Ore to Boku?) is the three hundred and thirtieth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


A fighter pilot corrects Star and Stripe that their opponent is Tomura Shigaraki, and that he can use EMP blasts as well. The jets proceed to deploy shock shields, as they all take formation, and Star and Stripe prepares to fight the villain, telling her fellow fighters she'll make sure to return their bodies to their families if they fall in battle.

"Tomura" starts to feel weird, as he knows he's Tomura Shigaraki, but at the same time also All For One, and it's been constantly like this since waking up. Using a combination of Radio Waves, Air Cannon, and Heavy Payload, "Tomura" releases an enormous wave of electric energy toward Star and Stripe and the jets, which they manage to dodge.

As the two taunt each other, Star and Stripe unleashes her Quirk, New Order, which after touching a target and calling its name, she can impose a new rule over it, and uses it to make the air 100 meters in front of her disappear. "Tomura" is forced to hold his breath, thinking about how it's a horrifying Quirk, but also that he wants it.

Star and Stripe uses New Order to remove the air around "Tomura".

Star and Stripe then orders all the fighter jets to shoot at "Tomura" coming at him from all angles. However, he simply uses Reflect and Scatter to shoot the lasers back, while his body regenerates. Star and Stripe uses her Quirk to let her catch the laser, while the fighter pilots note him being able to regenerate is why the Japanese heroes lost.

"Tomura" notices the vacuum in the atmosphere's come undone, thinking if that's the limit of New Order, stretching his body and blasting his way forward toward her. Star and Stripe jumps forward as well, punching "Tomura" in the face, as she notes how she can only maintain two different rules at a time, and she always uses the first on herself to give her super strength, though not as strong as All Might's, still pretty great.

Tomura and All For One begin to fuse into one being.

Star and Stripe talks about how she was saved by a Japanese exchange student long ago, and that he saved her and her family when a runaway villain attacked their car. Ever since then, he's become her role model, and so seeking out an even greater sense of world peace, she styled her hair just like his, with eight long strands. "Tomura" laments how everywhere he goes it's always about All Might, while she points out that now that she's touched him, she declares that if he were to move even an inch, his heart will stop.

"Tomura" thinks about how she fell for his trap, while in the vestige world, Tomura continues to fight with All For One as the two fuse into one being. All For One comments how usually it would've taken 2 months for the procedure to be complete, but Tomura's hatred is so incredible that they've been able to reach around 98% completion by now, stating they will be neither All For One nor Tomura Shigaraki, but a new being emerging from within.

"Tomura" starts to resist from the outside, causing Star and Stripe to be shocked, wondering if this means he "isn't Tomura Shigaraki", while All For One continues to tell him to let his hatred flow as it will deliver their glorious future. "Tomura"'s hair suddenly grows long, as he once again thinks back to his old family home, where his hatred grew, as an explosion goes off in the distance.

Chapter Notes

  • Star and Stripe's Quirk is revealed to be "New Order", allowing her to declare a new rule of up to two things that she touches and says the name of.
    • She was saved by All Might at a young age when he was in America, which inspired her to be a hero.
  • Tomura and All For One have begun to fuse into a new being, with it nearly complete due to Tomura's extreme hatred speeding up the process.
  • Three of All For One/Tomura's Quirks are revealed: Heavy Payload, Reflect, and Scatter.

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  • The incident where Star and Stripe was saved by All Might was the prologue of My Hero Academia: Two Heroes.
  • One of the pilots of the fighter jets is named Wedge, which is a reference to the Star Wars character Wedge Antilles.

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