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Shinso's Situation ( (しん) (そう) くんの () (じょう) Shinsō-kun no Jijō?) is the thirty-third chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


The first match of the first round is underway, with Izuku seemingly frozen in his tracks. Shota and Hizashi talk about Hitoshi's history and about his Quirk. Hitoshi wanted to be in the Hero course, and by all rights, with his powerful Quirk, he should be. However, his Quirk is ineffective on machines and was therefore not able to help him pass the entrance exam.

Hitoshi tells Izuku that it must be nice to be blessed with a heroic Quirk. He then orders Izuku to turn around and walk out of bounds. Izuku doesn't hesitate to obey, he turns around and starts to walk toward the edge of the fighting stage. As Izuku is walking, Shota notes that Izuku has superior physical abilities compared to Hitoshi, if they fought without Quirks, Izuku would definitely win. But now that Izuku has been brainwashed, the win is almost definitely Hitoshi's.

Toshinori, who is watching from the arena entrance, is uttering for Izuku to stop.

In his head, Izuku tries to stop himself, but his body is moving on its own and his head feels fuzzy. He continues to step closer and closer to the edge of the ring. He then remembers that Mashirao Ojiro told him about Hitoshi's Quirk before the match. Mashirao told him a strong bump could negate the effects of the brainwashing. He then went on to tell Izuku to win the match for him.

Izuku is just one step away from stepping out of bounds and he is starting to lose hope. Suddenly, eight mysterious pairs of eyes pop out of the dark in front of Izuku. Izuku starts to freak out and wonders what is happening to his fingers. One For All starts to activate on Izuku's fingers by itself and breaks both his index and middle fingers, allowing him to break free of Hitoshi's brainwashing. Hitoshi becomes confused by how he was able to break out of it. Izuku then remembers that All Might said One For All was passed down through the ages and hypothesizes that those people could be previous users of One For All.

Hitoshi then tries to get Izuku to talk to him again by taunting him, but Izuku remains silent, now knowing that answering Hitoshi will result in him being affected by Hitoshi's Quirk again. Hitoshi says that he was born with a Quirk unfit for combat, telling Izuku that a combat Quirk user like him will never understand how he feels. However, while running towards Hitoshi, Izuku understands Hitoshi's situation as he himself was in a similar situation (he was born without a Quirk and thus was also unfit for combat like Hitoshi) before he received One For All. Izuku reaches Hitoshi and begins pushing him out of the ring, but Hitoshi retaliates by punching Izuku in the face. Despite this, Izuku continues to push Hitoshi out of the ring. Hitoshi grabs Izuku's neck but Izuku counters by grabbing Hitoshi's arm and throwing him over his shoulder, slamming him hard into the ground. This causes Hitoshi's feet to go out of bounds, which ends the battle. Izuku is declared the winner and advances to the second round.

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