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No Man Is an Island (つながるつながる Tsunagaru Tsunagaru?) is the three hundred and twenty-eighth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Stain escapes from his cell.

Back during the Assault on Tartarus, Stain escapes his cell, immediately killing an inmate, figuring the prison has fallen due to something happening from the outside world, and looks for information. He enters the control room to find all but one of the guards dead, desperately cradling a box. Stain takes it from him, discovering that it contains stored data, as the guard begs him to give it back and that it must reach the right people.

As Stain walks away, he tells him that his convinction will reach the right man, as the prison crumbles all around, with the guard asking if Stain is a man or a beast, which Stain responds he’s an ally to what the world should be, but still a beast. While All For One and "Tomura Shigaraki" stand amongst the rubble above the escaped prisoners, Stain escapes, swimming to shore, promptly learning about the state of the world since his capture, and thinks that while he may not know if the data has any value, he will carry the embers of the guards conviction and give it to the only one who has earned his trust, the one who started all of this.

All Might gives the police the information recovered by Stain.

After reuniting with Izuku at U.A., All Might returns to meet with Detective Naomasa Tsukauchi, who he had first given Stain’s information too, who’s slightly annoyed needing to have gotten help from a killer. He reveals that since Tartarus’ systems are cut off from the outside world, they would’ve had no way of getting this data normally, and that it contains the cause of the system shutdown, which was “Tomura” and All For One’s constant blasts of Radio Waves inside and out.

Sansa suggests that this is because All For One was synchronized with the vestige within Tomura, however All Might reveals that the communication isn’t a two-way channel. Just like with his vestige within One For All, while the vestige has access to all his current thoughts, All Might himself has no connection to the vestige itself, at least until he was able to make contact with Izuku back at the Hospital. Because of this, All Might believes that even All For One wouldn’t be able to have such direct control over the vestige from so far away.

The Number 1 Hero of U.S.A: Star and Stripe.

Naomasa then says that the two All For One's were able to communicate through the Radio Waves Quirks, and that the recorded waveforms on the data disk resemble a conversation that says: “Make him complete in 38 days.” The revelation shocks Sansa, as Central Hospital’s research stated it was 2 months till he was completed, but All Might says it’s possible he rigged the results as a bluff, and that if they are to take their conversation as the truth, Tomura will be complete in 3 days.

At the U.N., the heads of each nations meet to discuss All Might’s direct request for assistance. Due to the immediate timing, they believe there isn’t enough time to get everything together, while some worry about sending their heroes off and leaving themselves vulnerable, while another notes that the potential turmoil the rest of the world is feeling is due to All For One’s underground influence.

Several foreign heroes, including Salaam and Big Red Dot, state their insistence on wanting to help, while one of the members mentions that theirs has already left, as the United States of America’s Number 1 Hero: Star and Stripe makes her way over to Japan to help her “master.”

Chapter Notes

  • It is revealed the information Stain received is data on "Tomura" and All For One's attack on Tartarus, specifically their use of the Radio Waves Quirk.
    • The waveforms of the Radio Waves reveal a conversation between the two All For Ones, implying that, despite the Heroes' belief that Tomura will be complete in a month, he will be complete in just 3 days.
  • All Might reveals that while his vestige within One For All has connection to all his current thoughts, he can only communicate with it when it’s in direct contact with Izuku.
    • He believes this is the same with All For One and his vestige.
  • All Might requests immediate assistance from the foreign heroes, which the nations of the world discuss about.
    • It's revealed that the rest of the world is in the same situation as Japan is.
    • America's No. 1 Hero, Star and Stripe, makes her way over to help.

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  • This is the first chapter to directly show and name movie-original characters, namely Salaam and Big Red Dot.

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