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Who Are You Really? ( (まえ) (だれ) Omae wa Dareda?) is the three hundred and twenty-sixth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Stain confronts All Might.

All Might returns to the site of Kamino, Yokohama in the aftermath of Izuku's battle with Class 1-A, intending to check in on the anti-hero supporters who refuse to evacuate, while still thinking about being unable to help Izuku. Looking at his statue, he berates himself for doing nothing and just dragging everyone down. All of a sudden, Stain appears above him, holding his sword near his neck and demanding take back his slam against All Might.

All Might notes how Stain never went after him when he was active and they didn't get to have their meeting till now, but the Hero Killer becomes confused, leading All Might to clarify who he is, to Stain's extreme disbelief. All Might quickly transforms into his muscle form to prove it, but Stain reacts in disgust, refusing to believe that was him just now, calling him a sham and why he presumes to call himself a "hero."

All Might responds back to Stain's claims in agreement, explaining how he couldn't handle the uneasiness of the world, and despite being powerless, he wanted to make the world a better place. But now that he's reached his end point, with how the world has turned out, and unable to protect the student he promised he would, he feels like he's gotten further away from heroism than anyone.

Stain suddenly leaps forward, pulling All Might back behind an ice block, before pointing him toward the statue. The two see a girl pulling down the "I Am Not Here" sign off of it, which Stain says she has been coming by to clean the statue from the vandalism every day. All Might is confused why she would put herself in danger just for that, until Stain reveals she is the last person All Might saved, the girl from the Kamino Incident.

The embers of All Might's legacy continue to burn on through Class 1-A.

Stain states that what All Might did as a hero had nothing to do with his Quirk, but that he always kept a smile on his face and did everything he could to help people. That the embers of inspiration he left behind continue to burn within those who followed him, and have now started to form a great fire, so they all must continue to stoke the flame so that it won't die.

After Stain reveals he knew about what happened regarding his true state, he tells him that if he is a true hero, to make use of his information from Tartarus, throwing him a knife and several pieces of paper, as well as telling him to end "the man who murdered 40 heroes" to fix this society, before walking away. As All Might tears up, the girl looks up at the sky to see the rain has begun to stop.

Chapter Notes

  • All Might and Stain meet for the first time.
    • Stain reminds All Might of the inspiration he instills in people as a hero.
    • Stain hands him a list of information from Tartarus.

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  • Stain stating that he has murdered 40 heroes is in reference to both the 17 he actually killed, and 23 he injured beyond recovery.

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