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The Bonds of One For All (つながるOFA (ワン・フォー・オール) Tsunagaru Wan Fō Ōru?) is the three hundred and twenty-fifth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Tenya holds off Minoru from comforting Izuku as Kota and the mutant woman run up to do so (since it’s “not their place"). Kota apologizes for being so scared to run to him earlier, but when he heard Ochaco speak, he knew he had to move, tearfully telling him not to cry anymore because he's here. The woman picks Izuku back up and tells him she went to so many shelters but was refused because of her Mutant-type Quirk, but she's glad because it meant she ended up at U.A. and got to see him again, as the two give him a hug.

As the civilians look on, a man that Izuku encountered two years ago steps up and says they should hear him out. He turns to the crowd and reminds them he's only staying just for a rest, so if he needs a break before getting back to fighting, U.A. is the best place to do so, which Nezu who is standing nearby confirms. One of the civilians asks about going to Shiketsu, but another just says they'll probably react the same way.

The man continues that before everything went bad, he never noticed that the civilians were the "spectators" while heroes "performed" on stage; All Might was the Hero that paved the way for others that everyone admired, but in doing so, they forgot about the heart and soul that made the man. Now with the stage destroyed, and the Heroes looking for glory having retired, the only ones left are those truly trying to fix everything, so if they reject them, who else will they have, asking how long will they plan to be spectators.

Izuku is welcomed back to U.A.

The vocal boy talks about the rumors going around about a man dressed in rags who could use multiple Quirks, some calling a villain, others calling a "true hero", asking Izuku if staying at U.A. will give them all back the lives they had. Izuku confidently responds that now that everyone's together with him, he will bring it all back.

Outside U.A., Ectoplasm asks Endeavor, Hawks, and Shoto if they heard Ochaco's speech before letting them in, saying that everything is fine for now. Endeavor says that all they ended up doing was pushing the burden onto Izuku and didn't make any progress, but Hawks says they did take a step forward. Just like how One For All is a power that links together people's hearts, so too is everyone connected here at U.A.: All Might through Izuku, Izuku to his classmates, Ochaco connecting Izuku to everyone, and with everyone thinking about each other, this can lead to the bright future where everyone will have time to laugh. As Class 1-A helps with the civilians and Izuku is escorted inside, Shoto turns to his father and tells him they’re doing it together, thinking back to Toya's face, which he agrees.

Kurogiri in Central Hospital.

Nezu communicates to Shota, currently still in bed at Central Hospital, missing his right eye and baring a prosthetic right leg, telling him his class managed to do well, to Shota’s delight. Nezu asks about the status of Kurogiri, as it turns out ever since their initial discovery, he and the other captured Nomu had been secretly transported to Central Hospital for restorative research. Shota states that they've had no success in getting through to him yet, with Nezu reminding that without Oboro regaining consciousness they would never have gotten as far as they have, meaning there is still hope.

Shota asks about the countermeasures regarding Himiko, with Nezu saying that since they've figured out how much blood she can absorb and how long her transformation lasts, they only let in the evacuees after a certain amount of time to be sure. Shota declares that with U.A. as a stronghold, it's time for their revenge. Meanwhile, outside U.A., All Might sullenly stands back facing away from the school.

Chapter Notes

  • The civilians agree to let Izuku stay and rest at U.A.
    • The civilians also start to become more aware of their roles as "spectators" in hero society.
  • It is confirmed that Shota Aizawa's right eye is scarred, and that his right leg has been replaced with a prosthetic.
  • It is revealed that since Oboro's re-awakening, Kurogiri and the captured Nomu were secretly relocated to Central Hospital for restorative research.

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