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Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight ( (だい) (ばく) (さっ) (しん) ダイナマイト Daibakusasshin Dainamaito?) is the three hundred and twenty-second chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


In his mind, Deku knows that he doesn’t have the strength to let go of Ingenium's hand, just as Uravity deactivates her Quirk and cause both of them to fall out of the sky. Thankfully, Red Riot is there able to catch them. He then tells Deku that he remembered an old story on the news about a kid his age that rushed to save a friend from a villain, and figured it was him that day. He says that being a Hero has nothing to do with being special or strong, and his behavior from back then is what everyone else is doing now.

Everyone else catches up as Pinky tells Deku she doesn't want to lose anyone anymore, and to return to U.A. so they can have classes together. Deku stands up and says he wants to come back but considers it too dangerous for all the people already there, and he says he can’t go back to the way he was before.

"I'm sorry for everything."

Dynamight walks over to him though, and asks if he remembers what he said when he got stabbed by Tomura during the Paranormal Liberation War. When Deku says he doesn’t, Dynamight reminds him that he said “stop trying to win this on your own”, and after he said that, he felt he had to tell him that his body moved on his own when he got stabbed. Dynamight admits he looked down on Deku because he was Quirkless, and therefore he felt he would be far behind, but the truth was, he always felt he was above him.

Dynamight tells him that he couldn't accept the way he was, which led to him bullying him over the years and trying to prove his superiority, but after entering U.A., he kept losing, and he started trying to understand Deku's strengths and his weaknesses. Dynamight tells Deku that even if it doesn’t change anything, he has to speak his current truth: He apologizes to him for everything he had done to him up until now, even calling him by his first name.

Dynamight’s words snap Deku to his senses as Dynamight tells him that his choices weren’t misguided, but he can’t handle it by himself anymore. If he encounters a hurdle, he can rely on his friends to help him, and the only way to surpass All Might is for everyone to protect U.A. and the civilians together. Deku weakly collapses and apologizes for what he said about everyone not being able to keep up with him, which Dynamight accepts as he catches him.

When Izuku wakes up, he is greeted by the face of Thirteen, who informs him that most civilians are evacuating to various centers, leaving only the anti-hero vigilantes and violent pillagers left to deal with. Thankfully, the number of anti-hero civilians entering the centers due to exhaustion is increasing and the extremists are easy to catch because they work in groups. Now everyone is doing their best to handle the situation, especially the police after his solo journey.

Ochaco reassures Izuku.

Izuku realizes he is back at school as he is carried around by Mezo while Hanta reveals that the barrier is active, with Toru adding it can even combine to Shiketsu High. Izuku still believes he still can’t go back, and his beliefs seem to be enforced by a group of protestors within the school demanding he not be let in. The civilians say they know he is the rumored boy Tomura is after and after they were convinced U.A. would provide them sanctuary, allowing what they consider a “ticking time-bomb” is a horrible idea. They say he should go somewhere else and Izuku even considers leaving, but Ochaco stops him and tells him not to worry about it, as everyone is determined to not let him go, with it now their turn to protect him.

Chapter Notes

  • Katsuki apologizes for everything that's happened between him and Izuku, admitting his inferiority complex, and telling him to rely on his friends, as Izuku finally passes out in exhaustion.
  • Thirteen's full face is revealed for the first time.
  • The U.A. Barrier is activated, which is revealed to also connect to Shiketsu High.
  • The civilians within the barrier protest Izuku entering the school, believing him to be the rumored boy Tomura is after.
    • Ochaco prepares to defend him.

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  • This chapter marks the first time Katsuki refers to Izuku by his given name.

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