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From Class A to One For All (A (エー) (ぐみ) からOFA (ワン・フォー・オール) Ē-Gumi kara Wan Fō Ōru e?) is the three hundred and twenty-first chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Endeavor arrives near the battle and meets up with Red Riot, Can’t Stop Twinkling, and Invisible Girl, who deliver a restrained Dictator to him. Endeavor tells them that Dictator might not be alone and to confirm the safety of the Hero-hating civilians that spread nearby, so they should help Hawks with that. Hawks, however, suggests using Best Jeanist to get it all over with.

As Endeavor sees Deku stuck in the ice, Red Riot reflects that while there isn't much he can do right now with how much he's moving around, there's still so much he wants to say to him, a sentiment shared by Can’t Stop Twinkling and Invisible Girl, who run to rejoin the battlefield. Endeavor tells Hawks that as of now, he shouldn't interfere.

Grape Juice pleads to Deku.

Shoto yells to Deku that his current state is part of All For One’s plan and could take the opportunity to attack U.A., and he should consider a backup plan, to protect the school by letting them all fight alongside him. Unfortunately, Deku refuses, all the while All For One’s words continue to ring in his head. Deku yells that this fight is between One For All and All For One, and the others can’t keep up.

Deku breaks free of the ice as Froppy swings her tongue at him. Deku dodges but sees that Grape Juice was holding on, using a new Super Move called Mineta Beads: Ten-Fold to stick a chain of his balls to latch onto Deku. Grape Juice cries that he never thought his power was what made him awesome, what made him so cool to him was how he led everyone to victory despite being scared himself. Deku, however, says that that version of him is gone as he strikes Grape Juice with Blackwhip, forcing him to let go of the chain as he gets slammed into the building. Deku prepares to make a getaway, combining Blackwhip, One For All at 45%, and Fa Jin, but Uravity comes from the sky, telling him that his situation is different from when Dynamight was captured. Before Uravity can finish her sentence, Deku dodged her approach and blasted into the sky.

As he blasts into the sky, Uravity calls to her classmates as they combine Pinky’s Acidman and Shoto’s Flashfreeze Heatwave to launch Dynamight off Shoto’s ice ramp-up to Deku, pushing further with Uravity's Zero Gravity. In her head, Uravity knows that she and everyone has something to say to Deku but they know they won’t reach him, while also saying that they don’t want to be protected by Deku, or want to reject who he is or what he’s doing, they just want to be with him.

Ingenium finally reaches Deku.

Dynamight blows through into the air and admits there is so much he needs to say to him, but the only one who can withstand such intense speed is Ingenium, whom he launches straight at Deku using his Blasting Speed Turbo: Cluster. Ingenium grabs Deku’s hand finally as he demands he let go, but Ingenium refuses, saying that Ingenium is the Hero who will grab the hand of a lost child and that giving help that’s not asked for, is what makes a true Hero.

As Deku fully starts to break down in tears, the second user of One For All reflects about how if there was anyone who could bolster Deku, it would be those who share his resolve, can match his pace, and are willing to run alongside him, like the entire Class 1-A.

Chapter Notes

  • Class 1-A conclude their chase with Deku.
    • Endeavor apprehends Dictator, while Hawks and Best Jeanist are revealed to be nearby.
    • The class combine their powers to send Ingenium into the sky to finally grab Deku.
    • Grape Juice develops a new Super Move.
    • Dynamight's Super Move he developed during the Paranormal Liberation War is given a name, Blasting Speed Turbo Cluster.

Characters In Order of Appearance


  • The ice ramp created by Shoto and resulting combination maneuver by 1-A references back to the Hideout Raid, in which a similar plan devised by Deku is used to provide Dynamight a means to escape his captors.
  • Ingenium's final words to Deku at the chapter's end are the same the hero himself used to address the Hero Killer when rescuing his friend.
    • That chapter was also released to commemorate the series' first anniversary, while this one was for the series' seventh.

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