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Deku vs. Class A (デク VS (バーサス) A (エー) (ぐみ) Deku Bāsasu Ē-Gumi?) is the three hundred and twentieth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Cellophane counters Blackwhip with Tape.

As Ingenium thinks about how once Deku sets his mind on something he never stops, Dynamight laughs at his appearance, hearing about how he's unlocked the Quirks from the 4th and 6th users and now looks completely different. Deku thanks everyone for coming, before using Smokescreen to make an escape. As Uravity recognizes that as the Quirk of the 6th user, Dynamight uses his Land Mine Blast to blast away the smoke, asking if he believes that now he's one of the big-shots if they're all just a bunch of “NPCs” to him.

Anima uses his Quirk to command birds to halt Deku, yelling that Nezu has asked him to come back and stop running away. He tries to use Blackwhip to free himself, but Cellophane uses his Tape to grab ahold of it, commenting how freaky it looks, while Deku remembers him teaching him how to control its shape. Earphone Jack then uses her Heartbeat Wall, forcing him to jump away, as she tells Deku how happy she was back during the Cultural Festival when he taught her how to organize notes, something he was enthusiastic about when she didn't consider it a useless hobby.

Tailman then arrives, grabbing ahold of Deku with his Tornado Tail Dance, telling him that he'll never forget how frustrated he got for him during his fight against Hitoshi at the Sports Festival, and they all can't overlook how ragged he's become fighting alone. Deku continues to insist that he'll put everyone in danger and he doesn't want All For One to take them away from him, which is why he had to leave.

Creati tries to subdue Deku.

Tsukyuomi appears next, using Dark Shadow to grab onto Deku, knocking him into a building. Sugarman rescues Earphone Jack and Tailman, who each comment how strong his power and will have gotten, as he states that while he may have a special power, they all share the same feelings, and to think about what they said, or else he won't let him use food coloring for Eri's candy apples.

Still attached to Dark Shadow, Deku is suddenly restricted by a machine created by Creati, who says that they've been authorized to use their Quirks to help Endeavor and the other heroes, with the intention to join him and ensuring his safety. Recognizing it's a machine to put him to sleep, Deku breaks free, yelling at them to stop wasting their efforts on him.

Deku smacks into Shoto's ice wall.

Chargebolt grabs ahold of him next, telling him that even though One For All is important, and they may not have any hobbies in common, he's still someone he considers a friend so he will force him to listen. Tentacole uses his Dupli-Arms covered in Insulation Tape created by Creati to cover up Deku and Chargebolt, reminding him of Deku's words during the Training Camp how everyone together can even give All Might a scare.

Tsukuyomi finishes it off by using Dark Shadow to completely entomb the two with Ragnarök: Womb, reminding him how using Dark Shadow's offensive power as defense was his idea as well. As Chargebolt sends his electrification through the containment, Deku still manages to break free, blasting away from the building, surprising Tsukuyomi. He thinks about how he knows everyone is truly worried about him, because Danger Sense hasn't alerted him at all, but still continues to shout and insist he's fine.

He suddenly smacks right into a Heaven-Piercing Ice Wall, as Shoto looks down on him, seeing his broken face, telling him to let them share his burden. On a building close by, Froppy tells him that it's okay to cry when you're scared, remembering the moment she cried when she apologized to him and the others for not supporting them in their plan to rescue Katsuki when he was kidnapped, She proclaims that if he wants to remain strong like a comic book superhero, they won't let him go at it alone.

Chapter Notes

  • Class 1-A attempt to restrain Deku and bring him back to safety, while he continues to fight back and resist.
    • His classmates remind him of all the times in the past he has helped or inspired them.
  • Dynamight, Earphone Jack, and Tsukuyomi are revealed to have learned new Ultimate Moves.

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