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Reckless (ヤミクモ Yamikumo?) is the three hundred and eighteenth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Deku ignores the vestiges' concerns.

Endeavor contacts Deku and informs him that the dates for when overseas heroes will arrive will be announced soon, which means they will have more manpower to help with the investigation. He tries to convince Deku to rest, as he knows how much he has been pushing himself, however, he replies that he can still move and he doesn't want to give the villains time to prepare.

Deku's phone rings but he ignores it as the inheritors of One For All tell Deku not to push himself because his wounds haven't fully healed yet. Suddenly, Danger Sense activates and he moves in the direction. Within the vestige world, Nana fears her feelings are affecting Deku heavily, but Daigoro says that for Deku, every cause is a worthy cause. Hikage adds that for better or worse, awakening all of their Quirks enables him to act according to his primary motivation, to save everyone as a true superhero. The second inheritor says that Deku is doing the right thing by pushing on without rest, because in this peculiar situation, that is the responsibility of the bearer of One For All and everyone's wills. He does, however, suggest something to bolster him.

"So we can all... smile together again."

Deku arrives at his destination, a mall, and saves a couple of cowering civilians from some villains. After they retreat, Deku asks if they are okay, but the woman sees his many Quirks and nervously asks if he works for All For One, which he quickly shoots down, to her still nervous relief. The civilians manage to run to safety as Danger Sense activates again, prompting Deku to move out once more. Within his mind, all he can think about is where All For One is and what he is planning, and that he needs to stop Tomura and the League of Villains, and how he doesn't want to trouble anyone and therefore if he wants to protect everyone, he needs to master One For All. Also within his mind are the images of all the people he loves: his mom, All Might, Gran Torino, Eraser Head, Eri, and everyone in Class 1-A, and he says he wants to finish this up so he can smile with them again.

Katsuki to the rescue.

While in the city of Kamino, at the location of the All Might statue, Deku falls to his knees and is confronted by a new villain called Dictator, who says that his recklessness, solitude, and exhaustion is everything All For One predicted would happen. Deku realizes that Dictator is another assassin All For One sent after him and he tells him that he hopes he will tell him where All For One is. Dictator, however, sends an army of civilians that he put under his control with his Quirk, Despot, to fight Deku. The civilians tell Deku that they can't control themselves as he thinks about how Dictator was previously defeated by Crust during the Bloodless Surrender Case, and that in order to deactivate his Quirk, either the victims need to receive a large shock or Dictator is taken down. Unable to use Air Force properly without his gloves, nor Blackwhip, the civilians dogpile Deku while saying they don't want to hurt him but Deku silently understands. Despite wanting to help them, his tired body prevents him from doing so.

In a surprising turn of events, Katsuki Bakugo arrives on the scene and shoots Dictator with AP Shot, while informing those on the other end of his phone that he's found him.

Chapter Notes

  • Endeavor reveals that foreign heroes will be arriving soon to assist them in their operation.
  • Deku continues to push himself to the brink of exhaustion to protect the civilians and try to track down the League of Villains, so he can smile with his loved ones again.
    • The users of One For All wonder what they can do to help him.
  • Deku faces off against the next assassin, Dictator, who uses his Quirk, Despot, to control the nearby civilians and force them to attack him.
    • Katsuki arrives to rescue him.

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  • Katsuki saving Izuku parallels the battle that took place in the Kamino Ward, where Izuku, Tenya, Momo, Eijiro, and Shoto rescue Katsuki from the League of Villains.
  • The chapter name "Yamikumo" (Reckless) was the nickname that prototype Katsuki used for prototype Izuku (Mikumo Akatani).

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