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High-Speed Long-Range Mobile Cannon ( (こう) (そく) () (どう) (ちょう) (きょ) () (ほう) (だい) Kōsoku Idō Chōkyori Hōdai?) is the three hundred and thirteenth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


All Might's declaration.

All Might's car emerges from the explosion unscathed, as he says that any other car other than 'Hercules' would have been destroyed. Mid-drift he spots two villains jumping towards him with flaming spears, and instantly realizes they're targeting him specifically. All Might picks up a spare phone and alerts the rest of his team that villains are trying to split him and Deku up as an assassin is targeting him. The villains throw their spears at the out-of-control car, but not before All Might jumps out the passenger side with a suitcase and diving into a roll as Hercules reels towards a wall and explodes.

The villains are surprised to see All Might, but don't stand down since he isn't the same as he was before, saying the real All Might died a long time ago. However, when he demands they stand aside, the villains start shivering in fear. All Might remembers the promise he made to Inko Midoriya as he tells the villains that Deku is bearing more of a burden than he himself ever did yet he still idolizes him, and he yells that the day anything happens to him is the day he dies.

Lady Nagant uses Air Walk.

In the sky, Deku moves in a zigzag pattern to stay out of Lady Nagant's line of site, deducing she can't move as fast as he can, so he will catch up to her before she can reposition herself. He suddenly senses a bullet coming for him from behind and deflects it, but another one grazes his stomach. He becomes confused as to how she was able to shoot him at two different angles and wonders if she has backup, but he doesn't sense anyone else with hostility with her. He then realizes that since All For One contracted her, he must have given her another Quirk.

Deku unlocks the third's Fa Jin.

Moving in the air, Lady Nagant fires another shot, as Deku realizes that the closer the two become, the more intuitively she can shoot and the less of a need to calculate his position, and even Danger Sense won't be able to help him react fast enough. He lands and unleashes Smokescreen at "Full Blast", catching Lady Nagant off guard by this revelation that he has multiple Quirks too. En scolds Deku for releasing that much smoke because once he emerges, he will be a sitting duck for someone like Lady Nagant. Deku tells him that he wasn't planning on escaping as En realizes what he plans on doing, causing him to advise against it. He is backed up by the third user, who reminds him that he isn't proficient with his Quirk yet, nor has he even tested it yet. Deku tells him that it is too late to properly train himself with his Quirk so he will learn on the fly, determined to force Lady Nagant to tell him where All For One and Tomura are. He then activates the third user's Quirk: Fa Jin.

Lady Nagant repositions herself above the cloud of smoke and sees something which she shoots. It turns out to be Gran Torino's cape, which he used as a decoy, and continues to shoot other decoys like his backpack and his mask. She says that he can't escape her by hiding in smoke, but he charges out of the building underneath her and grabs her, yelling he wasn't hiding in the smoke.

Chapter Notes

  • All Might is targeted by several villains, who he manages to intimidate through sheer force of will.
  • Deku discovers Lady Nagant possesses another Quirk given to her by All For One, allowing her to snipe at him from the air.
  • The third user's Quirk is revealed to be Fa Jin, allowing him to build up and release kinetic energy.
    • Deku utilizes this for the first time, in conjunction with Smokescreen, to distract Lady Nagant long enough for him to build up enough energy to blast his way into the air and grab her.

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  • All Might's standoff parallels Stain's final stand in Chapter 56.

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