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Here We Go!! ( () た!! Kita!!?) is the three hundred and eleventh chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Endeavor finds himself under fire by some low-tier villains, with one of them using a very powerful nail gun support item, which he deduces came from Detnerat. He defeats the villain with his Super Move: Ignited Arrow, as he complains that it is his fault they are even out here in the first place. Endeavor, however, says that that is why he is here, and hands him over to the police.

He meets up with Best Jeanist and Hawks where he confirms the convicts weren't sent by All For One. The three are then approached by a mob of protestors, calling the three of them 'hero scum' and demanding they get out of their faces. As Hawks tells Endeavor that they should leave, several of them blame them for the current state society is in for letting Tomura get away and releasing the prisoners. They also reveal they know Tomura is looking for someone else, meaning the heroes are still keeping secrets from them, as well as asking Endeavor if he has seen the grieving relatives of the people Dabi killed on TV. They continue to deride them as fakes as they drive away.

While driving, Hawks asks Edgeshot over the phone to keep investigating the Paranormal Liberation Front as he then asks if they should give All Might and Deku more space, knowing that if the media learns they are working with him, he will receive flack for it. Endeavor agrees, saying he doesn't want Izuku to receive more pressure than he already has, admitting how they are using him as bait to lure out the villains even though he asked for it, but are having trouble since they have gone underground.

The Heroes proceed to discuss what the villains' have planned next, assuming the Tartarus escapees had received some orders from All For One, and therefore it is only logical that they are using the greater confusion and chaos to lay low while pursuing One For All. Best Jeanist says that with the heroes falling apart, if he was All For One, he would go on the offensive, with Endeavor adding that what Izuku said is true: All For One's top priority is controlling Tomura's body.

The three deduce that because All Might damaged him to the point he needs life-support to live, turning Tomura into his successor would make for a new body for him, which is why he is prioritizing this task. Hawks also mentions that the imprisoned Kyudai Garaki said that Tomura wasn't complete when he was awakened, which they figure is a necessary component to complete the process, though they are unsure of the specifics how.

The three of them talk about how Izuku and All Might told them that a body that is too weak can not receive One For All, but Hawks doesn't understand why Tomura needs 'rage' in addition. Best Jeanist says that one needs a strong will to steal a Quirk bearing the will of eight other people, yet Hawks says that All For One had been pursuing his brother and his successors for years, so he believed he should have had enough hatred. Best Jeanist believes he doesn't have enough, but Hawks suggests he has none at all, since he is always seen smiling, meaning something is missing in his soul. Nevertheless, since the villains they have rounded up have no useful intel, they decide they may have to take the fight to the enemy and increase their search, even if it means reducing the number of people keeping peace on the street. Suddenly, they hear a notification.

The villain aims her rifle at Izuku.

As night falls, All Might follows Deku with his phone and compares his constant action to how Sir Nighteye wanted him to take a break now and then. He notices a notification on his phone and realizes Deku's GPS signal has disappeared. Then, a grenade is thrown at his car and explodes. At Deku's location, the reason his signal disappeared was because his phone was shot and pinned to a nearby building. The bullet has a microphone on it where a voice addresses Deku, demanding he come with her. Deku immediately realizes that someone that All For One has sent specifically for him has finally arrived.

The shooter is revealed to be the woman who freed Kai Chisaki from his cell, who has accompanied her on the rooftop of a building, having shot at Deku with a sniper rifle protruding from her arm, telling him that if he complies, he can keep his limbs.

Chapter Notes

  • Endeavor, Hawks, and Best Jeanist continue to apprehend the escaped convicts, while debating what the Villains' next form of attack will be.
    • A mob of protestors berate the Heroes for their prior failures, also revealing they know Tomura is after "someone".
    • Hawks suggests All For One needs Tomura's hatred to steal One For All because he doesn't carry any himself.
  • All Might's car is seemingly destroyed by an unknown assailant in an ambush.
  • Deku is targeted by the mystery assassin woman who was freed from Tartarus, and sent by All For One, who orders him to come with her.
    • Kai Chisaki, who the woman had freed from Tartarus, is seen accompanying her, sitting in the shadows.
    • The woman has a Quirk that allows her to retract her elbow into a rifle.

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