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Masters and Pupil ( () () () Shi to Deshi?) is the three hundred and tenth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Deku prevents an innocent woman from being injured.

Night falls as a storm brews in another town. A group of people start attacking a giant woman with a mutant Quirk with their support items, mistaking her for a villain. The woman pleads for them to stop because she is just scared but they continue their assault ignoring her pleas. Before she can get injured by their attack, Deku arrives on the scene and saves her, telling the attackers that he understands that everyone is on edge but the woman is innocent. The attackers leave, but not without stating that she shouldn't be walking around in the dark looking like a freak.

The woman confesses that she was slow to evacuate, explaining that the town she lives in didn't experience any major trouble so she thought she could stay at home until it all blew over. Eventually she decided to go to a shelter but she got scared as everyone kept getting hurt, and she apologizes for the trouble she feels she caused. Deku retrieves her umbrella and comforts her by telling her that everyone is scared like her. She asks if everything will go back to normal and Deku assures he will make it so, just as Toshinori arrives on the scene. Deku asks him to take her to the shelter, but not before he hands him a lunch box to eat which he thanks him for.

Deku watching over the city.

Surveying the city, Deku converses with Daigoro Banjo, who reminisces on the events being similar to his day and age, and how much trouble it was. Deku notes how they still have no clue where Tomura, All For One, Dabi, the Nomu, and the rest of the League of Villains are, and that they have no real way to follow up with the escaped convicts to learn more. He adds that Tomura with All For One’s Quirk was too much for even Endeavor and Eraser Head to handle, and declares that unless he can draw out One For All’s full power, he can’t stop any of this.

Back when Izuku was still in the Vestige world talking with the users of One For All, the first user, Yoichi Shigaraki, turns to the second and third users asking for their assistance. Met with silence, Daigoro breaks the ice by playfully messing around with Izuku, telling him he should first focus on learning more about Hikage and En’s Quirks, of which En agrees to.

All of the vestiges will back up Deku.

Just as Yoichi turns toward Deku and the other users, the third user speaks up about how they lived during the worst era in their history, when All For One’s control was at its peak, and that it was their leader, the second user, who did everything he could to strike back against All For One’s control, including gathering allies to fight. The second user talks to Yoichi about how many lives he took in order to bring down All For One, and that he can’t get behind devoting their efforts to a boy who wants to “save” their mortal enemy, calling it a ridiculous delusion.

In response Yoichi asks the second and third users why they saved him despite their initial plan to kill him due to his ties to their “enemy” when they found him. He tells the second user that had he not taken him out of that room, their fight with All For One would never have started. He also reminds the second user that working with Deku is their only choice, hence why all of them are here now. The second user asks again if Izuku will be able to bring an end to all this, which Yoichi reassures, saying that it was because he reached out to save him that One For All was truly born. With all the users on his side backing him up, Deku prepares to head out.

Chapter Notes

  • The appearance of the second and third users of One For All are fully revealed for the first time, as well as their backgrounds.
  • The first user's name is revealed to be Yoichi Shigaraki.

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