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Can't Be a Child Anymore ( () どもじゃいられない Kodomo ja Irarenai?) is the three hundred and ninth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Deku traveling through the city to meet up with All Might.

Mr. Smith and Boomerang Man arrive in the city to see something in the air, realizing that it is Muscular, defeated, tied up, and carried in the sky by Deku. Turtle Neck cradles Grand saying that she never got a chance to thank him as the civilians bring out a stretcher for her to carry Grand on offering to help her, with the leader telling her that they don't want anyone to die either so they feel like they should at least hear them out. Grand regains consciousness thinking about how Deku looked similar to the kid he met at the Provisional Hero License Exam, while noticing their completely different vibe, wondering if they really are the same.

Deku delivers the unconscious villain to the Daina Police Station, looking for iron maidens to properly restrain Muscular. Before the guards can ask him anymore questions, he speeds off into the air. Noticing that Danger Sense isn't active anymore, he calls All Might and tells him that he will return shortly, and he meets up with him in an alleyway where All Might asks if he is hurt. Izuku says he is alright and that his arms and legs are fine, as it is revealed that All Might ordered a new support item for Izuku, called Mid-Gauntlets, from America before the borders closed. All Might reminds him that the item is still a prototype and they were made for endurance: they will reinforce his body but they can't handle 100% output, therefore he can't go overboard until his rematch.

Hawks contacts Deku while Endeavor and Best Jeanist fight off a villain.

All Might's phone rings, picking it up to hear Hawks speaking to him while he, Endeavor, and Best Jeanist contain a villain. Hawks asks how Deku is doing and All Might reports he is fine, but he immediately departs, having received another warning from Danger Sense. Hawks surmises he is worried about putting anyone else's lives in danger, adding that while they could potentially keep him completely isolated to prepare for what is to come, knowing the capacity of power the ones who attacked Tartarus possess, it will be all over if they come well prepared. As a result, following Deku's idea of actively seeking out their enemy will raise the odds of their victory. Hawks knows how tough a position this is for All Might, and that even though he's worried, the best they can do right now is support him.

Previously in the hospital, most of the patients of Central Hospital had recovered and been discharged, with some help from Recovery Girl, but Izuku had to stay a bit longer. A doctor meets with Izuku, who alongside All Might and Inko, informs him that he had been warned that more extreme injuries would've left him immobilized, but that the situation is different now. He explains how in the past, the injuries were contained within his body, like little explosions, but this time they made their way to the surface. He also mentions that thanks to using Blackwhip to wrap and reinforce his limbs from the inside out to keep them from shattering, as well as the drastic changes to his body since then, going from 5% to 45% capacity, the injures were nowhere near as severe. Despite that, he warns that his limbs can still become immobilized so he advises him to be careful.

"I have to go. But it's okay! I'll come home to you."

After the doctor leaves, Inko asks for an explanation, which the two agree to give, thus sharing the secret of One For All with her. Inko understands he can contain the power by being Quirkless but also that he is being targeted for it, so she asks what will happen to him. All Might tells her that they are making arrangements to protect him at U.A. but Izuku announces he won't be returning. Inko becomes concerned as her son explains that Tomura can locate him, quite possibly at anytime like now, and he states his desire not to see anyone else get hurt and resolves to stop Tomura and All For One before they reach top strength and before the worst can happen.

The group of heroes ready to settle the score with the League.

Inko warns that he is in the hospital now because he couldn't win last time but Izuku reasons he will get stronger. Inko remembers saying she felt reassured but she feels she can't take all of what he is saying now. Izuku reassuringly takes his mother's hand, telling her that when she thanked him and smiled, she made him extremely happy, but that is why he has to go, promising to return home to her. All Might remembers when he bowed to her at their home and declares that he knows he can't stop Izuku from going, so he offers to join him. He contacts Best Jeanist informing him of this turn of events, who accepts it, saying that he may be the only one who can determine Tomura's location after thinking of using him as the focal point of their efforts, so they will follow in his wake while maintaining a safe distance.

Before checking out, Izuku visits Gran Torino and gives him Nana's regards, which he accepts with a smile. He admits he should have tried to kill Tomura and advises Izuku to not be so rigid with his beliefs, saying that death can be seen as another form of salvation. He hands him his cape as he leaves, teaming up with the Top 3 heroes and All Might to stop the League of Villains.

Chapter Notes

  • Deku wraps the defeated Muscular in Blackwhip and drops him off at a nearby police station.
  • It is revealed Deku is now equipped with a new compression support item known as the Mid-Gauntlets to help support his arms.
  • In a flashback, Izuku learns his injuries are nowhere as severe as they initially believed, due to how much stronger his body has gotten since the last incident, as well as thanks to using Blackwhip to reinforce his injuries during the battle.
  • Inko learns the truth of One For All, as well as Izuku's decision to leave U.A. to protect everyone from Tomura and All For One.
    • All Might declares to join and watch over him.
  • Izuku tells Gran Torino about Nana, who hands him his scarf and tells him that killing can be another way of saving someone.
  • Izuku and All Might team up with Endeavor, Hawks, and Best Jeanist, using Izuku as a way to lure out and track down the League of Villains.

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