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Full Power!! ( (ぜん) (りょく) !! Zenryoku!!?) is the three hundred and eighth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Muscular ecstatic upon seeing Izuku again.

Deku, holding an unconscious Grand, looks down on Muscular from atop a building, who reacts joyfully at his reappearance, before calming himself, saying he's not looking for revenge and just wants a good fight, placing a nearby rock into his empty eye socket. Muscular jumps toward the bottom of the building to Deku's surprise, and throws it into the air, forcing Deku to jump away, as he screams to go at it with full power.

A huge stream of smoke starts to cover the Taguchi Building to the civilians' confusion, while Turtle Neck heads outside. Deku, shrouded in smoke, arrives handing Grand over to her, while he tells her to take care of him, noting how many buildings have been destroyed, but declaring to make sure no more damage occurs. Turtle Neck's unable to see who the hero is due to all the smoke, but knowing the voice is familiar, tries to think who it is.

Deku uses his new techniques against Muscular's brute strength.

Deku proceeds to talk with the sixth user of One For All, En, asking if he overdid the use of his Quirk, Smokescreen. En provides him some advice to keep control over it, and that bearing the weight of the power across the eight generations, he should try to relax a little. He suggests that since their Quirks are mostly standalone abilities, rather than seeing them as ultimate moves, to think of them as tools in his arsenal to strategically organize a plan.

Thinking about Muscular, who he knows can withstand his 100% smashes due to their previous encounter, Deku uses Float to hover above the city, as well as Smokescreen to reduce his vision, covering the streets below. Once again thinking back to his tactics from their fight, he uses Danger Sense to dodge his incoming attacks, and finally uses Blackwhip to grab a hold of him to keep him contained on the ground.

Having no other choice left, Deku swiftly finishes off Muscular with one blow.

Muscular is annoyed at the "cheap party tricks", while Deku asks him where Tomura Shigaraki and All For One are. Muscular replies he doesn't know as they just told him to go wild after he was freed, and instead proceeds to berate Deku for talking and using all these gimmicks rather than having a proper fight. Deku continues anyway, asking why he rages like this, if he has any regrets, and if there is any other path he could go towards, referring to him as "Goto Imasuji", but Muscular simply responds he just wants to indulge in blood and violence and it's useless to try and sympathize with him.

Hearing Muscular's declaration, Deku thinks back to his previous thought about how if he truly understood the villains maybe things would turn out differently, and how even if the fight now is inevitable, he still wanted to learn at least what makes him tick deep down. As Muscular breaks free from Blackwhip and tries to fight back, Deku notes how the muscle tendons from his Pump Up Quirk have started to unravel thanks to the previous attacks from Grand's vibrations, and that he was purposefully keeping his distance because he recognized it too. Muscular screams in annoyance, as Deku comes at him with a smash to the stomach, saying that this is his full power.

Chapter Notes

  • En's Quirk is revealed to be Smokescreen.
    • It is also revealed that the users of One For All can now freely communicate with Deku without him being unconscious.
  • Deku engages in battle with Muscular, using his arsenal of Quirks to stay ahead of him.
    • He attempts to reason with and understand him, but when that fails, finishes the fight with a smash.
  • Muscular's name is revealed to be Goto Imasuji.

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