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Been a While!! (おひさ!! O Hisa!!?) is the three hundred and seventh chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Grand and Turtle Neck searching for more civilians to evacuate them.

In an abandoned city, Grand and Turtle Neck, now in their third years, are searching for a group of civilians to send towards evacuation zones. They have also heard reports of a villain named 'Jailbreaker' wreaking havoc in the south ward of the city. Turtle Neck believes the civilians remaining are the stubborn hard-liners, but Grand remains positive he can convince them.

Muscular ambushes Yo and Tatami.

The two reach the location of the civilian group: the Taguchi Building, a large indoor gym. Grand tries to convince the civilians to accompany them to lodge at Ketsubutsu Academy High School, but they decline, as the leader of the group points out how useless that option is in the event that villains decide to target the school. He also says that he and his group dealt with a previous villain attack just fine with their black market support items. Grand retorts by saying stronger, mindless villains like Jailbreaker and Nomu are impossible for civilians to combat on their own. With the growing public distrust in heroes, the civilian leader brushes it off and tells them to leave. Turtle Neck and Grand leave in disappointment, with the latter angrily saying he would've vibrated the building and dragged them out by force if he was allowed to.

Suddenly, Turtle Neck receives an alert from their classmate, Shikkui Makabe. The student on the other end shouts that Jailbreaker is fast approaching them, being previously spotted by Itejiro Toteki, another classmate. The approaching Jailbreaker jumps and crashes on to a nearby building, revealing himself to actually be Muscular. Grand steps forward to fight him, and asks Turtle Neck to evacuate the civilians back at the Taguchi Building.

Deku arrives for a rematch against Muscular.

Despite her warnings, the civilians rush out in an attempt to save Grand, who Muscular easily pins down with his muscle fibers. As the escapee attempts to slowly crush the boy to death, Grand releases a Tremoring Earth attack in an attempt to stun and disorient the villain. Muscular simply produces more muscle fibers to stabilize himself, and Turtle Neck and the civilians watch in horror as Grand is about to be killed.

Suddenly, a loud "SMASH!" is heard, and Muscular is flung on to the roof of a nearby house. Once the dust clears, Deku is shown carrying a badly-injured Grand, saying that he was alerted of the villain's presence thanks to his "gift from the fourth". Muscular's face curls into a bloodthirsty smile, as he recognizes the voice.

Chapter Notes

  • Ketsubutsu Academy's Grand and Turtle Neck are dispatched to escort any remaining civilians in the city to evacuation points, while keeping a lookout for villains.
    • The civilians refuse to accompany, believing in their self-defense skills more than putting their faith and safety in the heroes.
  • Muscular arrives to cause more destruction, and Grand faces him in battle.
    • A hooded Deku rescues Grand and confronts Muscular, who recognizes his voice.

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